About Us

A Patient Oriented Global Enterprise

MicroPort® is all about improving human life through the practical application of innovative science. Our aim is to continually develop leading technologies and products for physicians, with life-saving solutions and treatments for patients.

Global Network

Headquartered in ZJ Hi-Tech Park, Shanghai, MicroPort® has established a global footprint of Research and Development (R&D) and manufacturing facilities, including locations in the United States (Memphis, TN), France (Clamart), Italy, (Saluggia), the Dominican Republic (Santa Domingo), and various cities across China. With a strong focus on technology and innovation, MicroPort® has a global workforce that exceeds 6,000 employees.

10 Major Business Segments with Over 300 Products

Through years of growth and innovation, MicroPort® has become a premier medical solutions provider covering 10 major business segments, including Cardiovascular Intervention & Structural Heart Diseases, Electrophysiology & Cardiac Rhythm Management, Orthopedics & Soft Tissue Repair, Endovascular & Peripheral Vascular Diseases, Neurovascular Intervention & Neurosciences, Life Sciences (Endocrine Management), Surgical Devices & Medical Robotics, Urology & Gynecology & Respiratory & Gastroenterology, Aesthetics & Rehabilitation, and In Vitro Diagnostics & Medical Imaging.

The 8 Seconds Milestone, Made Possible by Millions of Details

Thanks to over 300 MicroPort® products currently approved for use in nearly 10,000 hospitals worldwide, one MicroPort® product isused in patients every eight seconds. MicroPort® continually strives to help create a better world through its life-saving medical therapies and quality-improving care devices.

The Patient Always Comes First

The innovative power of MicroPort® employees stems from a brand view that belongs to patients. The philosophy and motivation of all of MicroPort® business activities are derived from the patients, designed for the patients, and implemented for the patients. All innovative ideas are collected from doctors, designed for doctors, and therefore belongs to the doctors.MicroPort® employees firmly believe that everyone has equal rights to medical treatments and to live longer and healthier lives. We hope to collaborate with all partners who willhelp us transform medical treatment to ensure that everyone can enjoy this right.