Corporate Responsibilities



Our commitment to take responsibility and strive to create social harmony are central elements of our culture and we see our companyas part of the community – We take responsibility for all our activities whether they relate to employees or products, the community or social environment. In everything our company does we strive to do the right things for the right reasons.

Our Principles

Our bussiness philosophy is the inspiration behind our approach to corporate responsibility and shape the principles we apply across all our activities. We are determined to embrace diversity and earn a reputation as an 'employer of distinction' by treating all our employees as individuals, with respect, honesty and fairness.


Sharing the rewards and responsibilities of success and conducting our business with integrity and courtesy are the principles we live by; this approach underpins our environmental policies, our involvement with local communities and our approach to responsible business.


The reason we are passionate is our commitment to establishing a 'better type of business', that places responsibility to all stakeholders, and social harmony, at it's core. The challenge for us today is to prove that a business which sets high standards of behaviour can flourish in the competitive conditions of globalisation. Indeed, we aim to demonstrate that adhering to our principles enables us to outperform companies with more conventional business philosophies.