Corporate Responsibilities

Intellectual Property

MicroPort®'s strong research and development capabilities and growing intellectual property portfolio reinforce our brand and will continue to enable MicroPort® keeps ahead of the constantly evolving technologies in our industry.


Most of our products are developed internally, and we have many new innovative products in varying stages of development. We have created a large intellectual property portfolio, particularly in the minimally invasive interventional device area, and diligently monitor and defend our intellectual property. As of July 2018, through independent R&D and strategic acquisitions, MicroPort® Group has 3,215 patent applications in 28 countries, among them 1,881 patents are approved and granted. Furthermore, MicroPort® Group has a total of 1,621 trademark applications (among them, 1,132 are approved), covering over 62 countries and regions.


We believe we maintain one of the largest highly skilled teams of research and development engineers in the medical device industry in China. The cornerstone of MicroPort®'s research and development endeavours is a core team of highly experienced engineers, many of whom were trained and held leadership roles at many of the major medical device companies in the world.


Each of our engineers focuses primarily on one product application and is involved in the entire research and development process from product design to testing and regulatory approval. Our engineers also have regular contact with the major hospitals which use our products, providing them with real-time information regarding their needs. This understanding of the entire product development process and customer needs provides a strong, flexible engineering platform which can be used to quickly develop innovative products for a wide range of medical device applications.