Corporate Responsibilities

Sales, Marketing and Distribution

We have established relationships with many key opinion leaders in the Chinese medical community, including physicians, researchers and hospital administrators. We developed such relationships by utilizing our local sales and marketing team and an established distribution network across the country.


Through our marketing activities, training seminars and joint research and development projects with hospitals, we have established relationships with a number of well-known interventional cardiologists, radiologists and vascular surgeons in China, especially in Tier III and II hospitals where a majority of the interventional cardiovascular and other vascular procedures are performed.


Our sales and marketing teams, along with our network of independent distributors, created an extensive sales coverage within China as well as throughout the World.


Through regular visits with specialists, sponsorship of conferences and physician education programs and other activities, our medical devices are directly marketed to hospitals. Along with our joint research and development projects, we have maintained strong ties with several leading hospitals and physicians around the world, which helps promote our products, raise our profile and enhance our brand recognition.