Corporate Responsibilities

Corporate Governance

At MicroPort® we seek to achieve equality, fairness, justice and respect throughout all our activities. We think compliance to rigorous business procedures and internal standards of discipline is one of the key factors for sustainable development and success. And MicroPort® requires every employee to comply with our code of ethics, our standards, and the laws and regulations relating to our business and in their daily lives.


Our business is governed at two levels; by our senior management, acting primarily through our executive committee, and by our Directors. Our executive committee serves as the overall leadership team of our company and coordinates, and makes decisions with regard to, day-to-day administrative, operational and managerial matters of our business. Our Directors are responsible for overseeing the overall activities of the executive committee and making significant decisions with respect to our business, such as appointing executive officers, engaging in strategic planning and adopting or revising corporate policies.


MicroPort® has fully implemented a comprehensive code which clearly delineates the roles and authority of the executive committee, senior management and the Board. Our Directors believe that our structure provides an appropriate system of checks and balances to ensure the highest standards of corporate governance are maintained.


MicroPort®'s people are adhere to ethical business practices and abide by the law, as an essential element of our corporate identity. We do so, not only out of respect for the law and moral duty, but also because it is fundamentally at the very heart of our business philosophy.

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics Policy Summary

It is the policy of MicroPort® Scientific Corporation to conduct its affairs in accordance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations of the countries in which it does business. This Code of Business Conduct and Ethics applies to the Company's Employees, Officers and Directors.


  • Honest and ethical conduct, including the ethical handling of actual or apparent conflicts of interest between personal and professional relationships;
  • Full, fair, accurate, timely and understandable disclosure in the reports and documents the Company files with, or submits to, the related stock exchanges and in other public communications made by the Company;
  • Compliance with applicable governmental laws, rules and regulations;
  • The prompt internal reporting to the appropriate person of violations of this Code; and accountability for adherence to this Code.

MicroPort® has established standards for behaviour that affects the Company, and employees, officers and directors should pattern their daily performance in compliance with those standards. The Company promotes ethical behaviour and encourages employees to talk to the Compliance Officer and Chief Executive Officer ("Designated Officers") when in doubt about the best course of action in a particular situation. Non-executive directors are also encouraged to talk to the Designated Officers in such situations. The President or any other person appointed by the Board of Directors shall fulfil the Chief Executive Officer's duties under this Code when the position of the Chief Executive Officer is vacant.


Additionally, employees should report to appropriate personnel violations of laws, rules, regulations or this Code, as well as complaints, concerns, and information regarding accounting matters (which should include accounting practices, internal accounting controls, or other auditing matters), corporate fraud, or violations of laws committed by the Company or its agents. Employees reporting such violations or complaints good faith will not be subject to discipline or retaliation. Reporting procedures for employees are set forth under "Compliance and Reporting" below.


This Code covers a wide range of business practices and procedures. It does not cover every issue that may arise, but it sets out basic principles to guide employees. Corporate policies and procedures provide details pertinent to many of the provisions of the Code. Our employees are expected to be aware of, and to act in accordance with, both the Code and the Company's other policies and procedures at all times.