Corporate Responsibilities

People & Diversity

At MicroPort® we think our people should be afforded every opportunity to 'grow with the company'. And as our company continues to expand globally, it is our people and their individual differences which are even more crucial to realising our business strategy.


Our individual differences enrich and broaden our collective experience. We believe an awareness of varied social and cultural differences in the age of globalisation, make us all better citizens and employees. Building diversity and inclusion into the way we operate is an essential part of our culture.


We continue to encourage difference among our employees because we know it produces innovative ideas and new insights. And, we will continue to enrich and strengthen the diversity of various functional departments, while supporting various forms of horizontal (lateral) team organization and cross-functional collaboration because it maximises the positive effects of our diversity.


We care deeply about the matters that affect our employees and MicroPort® is determined to be a workplace where all employees can thrive and grow to their fullest potential. We think it's important that all of our employees feel valued and respected as equal contributors to our success, and through our shared values. MicroPort® is creating that environment.