Our Culture

MicroPort® has achieved remarkable growth since it was founded in 1998, and our triumphs are driven by our inspirational people and dynamic leadership. At the heart of all our achievements, are the people and the values which make our company unique.


Our company culture is unique because the employees at MicroPort® love life with a passion, and it is a sense of serving others which fuels the creativity in our workplace. While we seek to achieve success in all we do, we are always aware of our responsibilities to our community.


Every employee at MicroPort® is committed to keeping the aspiration embodied in our vision and mission alive. Our Business Philosophy is uniquely Chinese and it is our values inspired by a family approach to relationship building and shared values which creates a unique environment for achieving excellence.


VisionBring About a People-Centric SuperCluster of Emerging Medical Technologies
MissionProvide the Best Yet Accessible Ways & Means to Prolong and Reshape Lives
FaithHelp Live Beyond 115 Years of Very Healthy Life for Billions of People on Earth
Branding IdeologyMicroPort® - The Patient Always Comes First
Management CredoEyes for Greatness, Hands on Details
Survival AptitudeBeing aware that adversity could strike us anytime, we survive by constantly innovating ourselves with eager and urgency
Family Oriented MentalityMicroPort® My Sweet Home - A Home Away From Home