"I am not an entrepreneur, I am an
academic – I like good scientists"
Dr. Zhaohua Chang

How it All Began

The company was founded in 1998 by our Chairman and Executive Director Dr. Zhaohua Chang. However the MicroPort® story and the motivation for our unique development begins in 1995, when the Shanghai Municipal Government invited a group of leading globally accomplished Chinese scholar's based internationally to form a delegation to visit Shanghai. Back then Dr. Chang was a highly successful and respected leading research scientist working in some of the best scientific institutions, companies and Universities in the USA.


Returning to China as a visiting delegate provided the initial spark of inspiration. Dr. Chang witnessed, after years living abroad, the remarkable and rapid changes facing his homeland. Knowing that China's device sector was completely dependent on expensive imported technology and was extremely disadvantaged in terms of it's capabilities for independent research and development, Dr. Chang determined to do something concrete to change the future.


So during this brief visit to Shanghai in 1995 the history of MicroPort® began when Dr. Chang decided it was time to return home and bring his scientific expertise back to China for the benefit of the Chinese people. Three years later Dr. Chang had set about developing a uniquely Chinese business to provide a home in China for likeminded scientists, and MicroPort® was born.


An academic scholar and scientist with a passion for bioengineering and some good ideas, made a significant contribution to the establishment of high-tech medical device development and manufacturer in China. This is where our company history begins.


Those early years were tough and the company faced many difficulties. At times it seemed an impossible dream and it appeared events conspired to frustrate and undermine the company just as it was beginning to establish a foundation.


Fortunately, our founder was steadfast in his own confidence and determination to create a different kind of company. It was his perseverance to gather together what he often refers to as the 'dream team' of leadership and scientists that enabled the realisation of his original vision.

Inspired Employees and Effective Partnerships

Dr. Zhaohua Chang had a great idea back in 1995 and today his vision is being realised at MicroPort Scientific Corporation. Today MicroPort® is a company with solid ethical values, and a uniquely Chinese business philosophy, where the people who choose to work here love what they do, enjoy working together and possess a passion and fascination for their own contribution to achieving the company's mission.


And our company continues to demonstrate entrepreneurial achievement and innovation combined with a belief in improving the social wellbeing. We were the first China based manufacturer of interventional cardiology products and proud of developing the first drug-eluting stent commercially produced in China. Despite strong competition from international industry giants, MicroPort Scientific Corporation has persisted in achieving systematic innovation and creating significant brand recognition associated with quality and the highest clinical standards.


From humble beginnings, today MicroPort® has transformed into a sizable corporation. As of July 2018, through independent R&D and strategic acquisitions, MicroPort® Group has 3,215 patent applications in 28 countries, among them 1,881 patents are approved and granted. Furthermore, MicroPort® Group has a total of 1,621 trademark applications (among them, 1,132 are approved), covering over 62 countries and regions.


As MicroPort Scientific Corporation grows and changes our commitment to the realization of a harmonious society remains important and even as we strive to become a global corporation we remain firmly rooted in our community, investing our time, energies and resources to help others.