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MicroPort® Institute of Innovation

18 years' development and expansion helps MicroPort® establish its competitive position in Chinese and even in global medical device industry. We have created our own signature products, established well-known brands, built up stable quality assurance system, and launched unique corporate management culture.

In 2012, we adjusted our development direction and set about constructing a "10+5" strategic developing platform to achieve diversification and globalization. By doing this, MicroPort®; entered its critical developing stage.

Innovation Institute

Innovation Institute is established as a supply ship for the strategic development of our group, to cope with the demands of business expansion and accomplish our special mission. Innovation will be the main subject and target for the operation of Institute.

We value the innovation in product, technology, process, as well as the innovation in management and business modes.

The Institute will shape innovative culture, foster MicroPort® spirit and global perspective, and build a team which dares to face up with difficulties, thereby promoting the professionalism of staff and supplying a steady flow of talents to the group.

The advancement of leadership and management capabilities
The advancement of leadership and management capabilities
Development of professional skills
  • R&D Talent Program
  • As one of the key and sustainable talent cultivation programs in MicroPort®, it is intended to provide comprehensive training to outstanding technologists and help them take up managerial positions. The program will facilitate the upgrade of leadership of R&D management in the group, clarify concepts of R&D management, and master necessary expertise in R&D work.

  • Quality Talent Program
  • As one of the key and sustainable talent cultivation programs in MicroPort®, it is intended to cultivate excellent talents for quality management. The program will help quality staff gain profound understanding in quality management and grasp essential expertise in this area.

  • Project Management Talent Program
  • As one of the key and sustainable talent cultivation programs in MicroPort®, it is intended to train outstanding talents in project management. Through comprehensive training, the program will help project managers or those who intend to engage themselves in project management have insight into the concepts and requirements in this field and acquire necessary expertise of R&D project management.

  • Advanced Program
  • With the concept of "Upgrade yourselves by RTZ", this program will facilitate advanced members to absorb cutting-edge knowledge, cultivate creative thinking, broaden horizon, and provide powerful support to the innovative and continuous development of MicroPort®. The program consists of stratified and classified management courses and practice of 6 Sigma, aiming at continuous improvement, making practical use of knowledge, and playing a key role in the company as a learning organization.

MicroPort® Internal Trainer Certification Center
As a part of MicroPort® Innovation Institute, the Internal Trainer Certification Center will make full use of internal intellectual resources of the Group and create a learning environment in which knowledge can be shared. It plays an important part in the training system of the group, as it helps develop a team of internal trainers and provide a stage for practice and promotion.
3F Innovation Reactor
Fusion Fission Focus Innovation Reactor, referred to as 3F Innovation Reactor, is the center of technology innovation, which opens to any free mind, speech, and writing. It is designed to activate clashes between different ideas, and thus achieve breakthrough and innovation.
Innovation story
Innovation story
Innovation story
Innovation story
Innovation story
Innovation story
Innovation story
Innovation story

Chen Aibao

QA Engineer for Degradable Stent

Quality Department

Chen Aibao joined MicroPort® in December, 2010 and works as QA engineer for biodegradable stent. Chen is very earnest, accountable and innovative for work. Having been working in biodegradable stent area for 3 years, she has accumulated in-depth professional knowledge in the properties of degradable materials and mastered necessary expertise. She has made great contribution to the material development, performance upgrading and process breakthrough of this product. In addition, she has finished the patent application for 8 inventions, and 1 of them was authorized. She was transferred to Quality Department in 2013, taking charge of the quality control of biodegradable stent. She has researched and developed over 20 testing methods for this products, and established a complete testing and evaluation system, including innovative automotive testing for stent fatigue, bare stent excessive expansion, automotive stent dimension. By doing these, she realized the effective monitoring of key product performance, promoted testing and checking efficiency significantly, save large amount of time and labor cost for the project team, and therefore sped up the progress of this project.

Guo Yuanyi

R&D Engineer

Technology R&D in MicroPort® NeuroTech

Guo Yiyuan joined MicroPort® in December, and now serves as the R&D engineer in MicroPort® NeuroTech. His main responsibilities include preliminary development of spring ring, establishment of spring ring development team, and construction of technological development platform. He has very strong innovative and hands-on abilities. He started from the very beginning and completed the design and manufacture of bare spring rings, degradable spring rings, spring ring disconnecting units and hot melting disconnecting units, which fall into 6 forms and over 100 sizes.

He also completed design and manufacture of 75-90% degradable spring ring, and constructed a new platform for this product. The degradable spring rings has passed in vitro evaluation with exceptional performance and are highly praised by doctors. The softness of spring ring is better than that of the product of same category from abroad. Guo is very enthusiastic about the working and willing to face up with challenges. He always dedicated himself fully to the development work, no matter how hard it is. He also has outstanding leadership. With strong sense of cohesiveness and responsibility, he led the spring ring R&D team to make excellent achievement.

Chen Qiou

Equipment and Process R&D Engineer

Equipment Platform

Chen joined MicroPort® in September, 2010. As an equipment engineer and process R&D engineering, he mainly takes charge of the development of automated equipment for special processes in product R&D. Being diligent and enthusiastic about his work, he is a development engineer with high productivity. He is willing to accept challenge. In order to meet the demands of company, he participated in the R&D of propulsion force testing equipment, Firehawk coating equipment, and catheter thermal shrink equipment, and solved technical difficulties every time. Although the propulsion force testing equipment is customized according to company requirements, it can save a great amount of purchasing cost, compared imported products. The development of Firehawk coat equipment ensured the manufacture of 50 equipment of that model, and the development of thermal shrink started a new era where equipment platform can provide service for the whole company. His R&D work was well-recognized by relevant departments in the company, as it sped up the development course of the company, and brought substantial cost reduction.

Tian Hao

R&D Engineer


Tian Hao joined MicroPort® in July, 2006 and serves as R&D engineer for biodegradable stent at present. He has participated in the development and maintenance of biodegradable stent, Firebird2, Tango, Mustang and other products. With in-depth knowledge in the connection between stent structure and performance, the compatibility between stent and saccule, the property and processing of metal used for stent, he always strives to provide innovative solutions in product development.

Zhang Qingchun

R&D Engineer

Development of Electrophysiology Technology

Zhang Qingchun joined MicroPort® in March 2013, and currently serves as the R&D engineering in electrophysiological technology. Zhang demonstrates strong capacity at work. He adapted himself to the R&D position in a very short period. At present, he leads R&D projects of pressure sensing catheter and wearable electrocardiological devices.

Only Johnson and St. Jude grasp the advanced pressure sensing catheter technology in the world and there is no similar products launched domestically in China. Under the leadership of Zhang, the R&D groups have determined the technical scheme after several attempts and exploration. The scheme is absolutely different from existing technology. It has bypassed patent barriers, and is proved to be a major breakthrough. Wearable electrocardiological device is a pioneering project in mobile medical area. As the person in charge, Zhang carried out a large-scaled preliminary research and determine the most appropriated business mode after communicating with various departments. In addition, Zhang also takes charge of the composing of patent documentation for new technologies. Since joining MicroPort®, he has applied patents for 16 technologies and 6 of them had been patented successfully.

Shi Gaowei

Process Supervisor

Suzhou Health

Shi Gaowei joined Microport® in June, 2009 and now serves as the process supervisor in Suzhou Health. His responsibilities include the optimization of current processing route and the exploration during pilot stage for new product development. Zhang devotes himself to the work with great passion. He contributed a number of innovative points and wan the prize of "Golden Ideas”. In addition to the optimization of processing route, he has also made some original modification. For example, he realized semi-automation of sand blasting process by replacing manual operation with customized equipment. This is a critical step for the full automation of sand blasting process, as it ensures the stability of product appearance and minimizes the processing time for the whole procedure. When exploring process for new products, he will take the status of current equipment of the company into account and provide specific processing route for the various features of new products to ensure the reliability and stability, so as to reasonably and effectively alleviate the operating pressure of critical equipment.

Wang Hongqiang

Technical Supervisor

Shanghai D-Pulse

Wang Hongqiang joined MicroPort® in July, 2013, and works as the Guidewire Technology Supervisor, who mainly takes charge of the establishment of angiographic guidewire production and the composition of DHF and DMR files. Wang dedicated himself fully in the development and innovation of guidewire products. After joining the group, he started from the beginning to setup a guidewire production line in an empty workshop. With his profound experience, he designed an automotive wire winding procedure, and made drawing himself, to save cost for the company. Being innovation and willing to take on challenges, he proactively assumed the responsibilities of workshop construction, workshop layout, and purchase of equipment and materials. In order to successfully launch the product onto the market, he made improvement according to real situation of hospital and finalized an angiographic guidewire product which met the demands of most doctors.

Huang Weiling

Senior Sales Representative

NeuroTech South China Sales Department

Huang Weiling joined MicroPort® in April, 2012,and serves as senior sales representative in NeuroTech South China Sales Department. He takes charge of the sales and customer support for APOLLO stent, WILLIS encephalic covered stent, AETHER protective device for 5 provinces in South China. He was awarded as the "NeuroTech Sales Star" and "NeuroTech Sales Mastermind" in 2013. In 2015, he raised an innovative meeting planning scheme, which later became the template of academic activities of the company. He was the sales champion of NeuroTech, with a 100% YoY increase in sales of APPOLLO stent, accounting for 50% of the total turnover in South China. In 2014, he reproduced his excellence by selling 30 WILLIS encephalic covered stents, which accounted 25% of total sales of the company, and developing 16 new hospital customers successfully. He got the title of "Sales Champion", "New Customer Developing Champion of WILLIS encephalic Covered Stent", and "New Customer Developing Champion for APOLLO Stent" in that year, and was recognized as "Innovative Pioneer" as well.