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Talent Concept

Agricultural revolution, industrial revolution, or information revolution...no matter what time it is;

Conventional industry, financial industry, or internet industry...no matter which industry you are in;

Born in 70s, 80s, or 90s, no matter how old you are...

Talents were, are and will always be the critical element for a company in pursuit of sustainable development, continuous success, and long-last reputation. As a professional medical device enterprise, we have the following ideas on talents:

A great company is based on the talents it has, and the talents it will attract in the future. Experience is important, but your potential and capability matter more to us. We are a competition field more than a school, in which we will select the best during real competition. We firmly believe that the development of a company is closely related to individual development.


We strive to put the most appropriate talent into the most suitable position. We focus both personal capability and character. Of all characters, self-motivation and intellect are the most important.

From capability point of view, necessary expertise and skill, and strong learning ability are essential. In the meantime, we are people-oriented, encouraging our staff to challenge themselves.