Think You Might Be Able to Contribute Toward MircroPort's Future?

MicroPort takes pride in creating a vibrant and dynamic working environment that fuels the ingenuity and innovation of our people. MicroPort knows innovation comes from everywhere in the organization, and we think the next big idea could be yours!


We are always seeking out talented individuals to embark on our journey with us. We are looking for something special and the people joining MicroPort must possess a real passion for creating the future.


At MicroPort we value workplace unity, defying difficulties and challenges, hard work and the pursuit of excellence. Our unique working environment provides an empowering platform for our people and we strive to create a good atmosphere for employees to express themselves, and develop their talents.


We think MicroPort is an employee-oriented company and a great place to work. It provides many tough challenges, yet we provide an encouraging environment that generates infinite opportunity for achievement and success.


Interns are an important part of our strategy for the future and we value their enthusiasm. We actively seek to recruit summer interns and offer great opportunities for students to learn, and experience MicroPort. We're looking for the best people to join us; those who are smart, creative, thrive on challenges and are incredibly excited about MicroPort.

Leading Talent

Our business is expanding at a rapid pace and we are particularly interested in attracting talent with an international background. We welcome inquires from international professionals and/or Chinese Nationals that have studied internationally. For 'leading talent' we expect at least five years experience in one of the following areas; Research, product development, production technology research and process management, raw materials and equipment procurement, quality management, business development, customer service, and HR specialists.



We also have many more career opportunities for suitably qualified candidates, in Business Development, Finance, Information Protection, Manufacturing, Operations, Research & Development, Sales and Marketing, and Strategy, as well as many others.


Please explore our website and view the career opportunities section to learn more.


Join Our Remarkable Journey - Together We Really Can Make Life Better.