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MicroPort® Appears at China Medical Devices Design & Startups Competition & Global Device Week (2018)


Suzhou, China – From September 6 to 9, China Medical Devices Design & Startups Competition & Global Device Week (2018) took place in Suzhou, China, as did Medical Fair China (MFC 2018) and China Medical Innovation Forum (CMIF 2018). Shanghai MicroPort Medical (Group) Co., Ltd. ("MicroPort®") and its subsidiary of Shanghai MicroPort Endovascular MedTech Co., Ltd. ("MicroPort® Endovascular") appeared at the events, presenting the achievements in the areas of platform building and innovation, technological innovation and management innovation.
During the opening ceremony, Professor Junbo Ge, who is an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and head of Department of Cardiology of Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, said in a speech that there would be no progress without innovation. Professor Ge said that a high degree of emphasis has been placed on innovation from the top-level design to the medical device industry, as innovation is continually driving the development and progress of the cardiovascular discipline and helping cardiologists overcome hurdles one after another. During the speech, Professor Ge especially mentioned the innovative results achieved by MicroPort® in the field of coronary stent. He said that the MicroPort® stent has progressed from Firebird®, Firebird2® to Firehawk®, and pulled off a leap from the innovation of copy and improvement to the disruptive innovation. Recently, clinical data of Firehawk® TARGET AC study in Europe was published on the website of the world leading medical journal The Lancet, which is the first time that clinical data from a China manufactured drug eluting stent has been published in The Lancet since its first publication nearly 200 years ago. Professor Ge said that with the innovation- driven development elevated to a national strategy, the cardiovascular intervention segment currently is growing rapidly with more and more original innovative outcomes. For instance, the commercialization of innovation surrounding medicine, industry, science, research and application is of the most importance among the things that the industries closely watch. It is playing a key role to drive the sustained development of the medical device industry.
Professor Wei Guo from the vascular surgery department of Chinese PLA Hospital gave a speech titled the Development Direction of Businesses from a Vascular Epidemiology Perspective. Professor Guo said that despite being a long journey accompanied with pains, innovation can solve the problems and key issues for the development of the industry, which is of significant meaning, especially for the development of the medical device companies. In this respect, every stage, including idea verification, product R&D, patent application, in vitro study, animal trial, clinical study, product application, commercialization and market entry, requires the close cooperation and communication with clinicians, as the cooperation between the medical and engineering communities is pivotal to the achievement of original innovation and major clinical breakthroughs. Professor Guo said that the vascular surgery and medical device industry of China are experiencing a prospering period with the blessings of the timing, location and talents, along with the government support, inflows of capital, which combined lay a firm groundwork for the Chinese vascular surgery to grasp the core technology, update innovation mechanism and achieve self-updating.
At the symposium on the clinical demand for innovation in vascular surgery devices and synergy between the medical and engineering communities held on September 7, MicroPort® Endovascular spoke of the path of research and commercialization of high-risk medical device, sharing its experience from practice in the research and commercialization of high-risk medical device from the three perspectives of the company's platform building, technological innovation and management innovation. With respect to platform building, MicroPort® has set up the only automatic tubular/ bifurcated vascular stent covering and braiding production line in China, which effectively solves the technological difficulties such as covering fatigue, seam leakage and compress to a tube with a smaller diameter. In addition, MicroPort® developed a high-strength three-layer polymer composite outer tube with an ultra-thin wall by integrating super fibers. It is the first and only company of its likes globally that can independently produce deliver system materials. With respect to technological innovation, MicroPort® Endovascular currently owns eight launched products and two commercialized medical outcomes, with another five products successively having entered the special review and approval procedure for innovative medical devices, which is also known as the Green Path. In 2017, the company was awarded the second class of National Prize for Science and Technology Advancement. Meanwhile, the company has achieved automation of production and procession in the areas of hand-knitting, stitching and assembling, having comprehensively changed the labor-intensive production of the industry. With respect to management innovation, MicroPort® Endovascular has set up a full project life cycle linked incentive model, and built a three-track career development focused on employees with management potentials, core skill and technology staff and project management staff, which is matched by targeted talent incentives.
At the event, MicroPort® Endovascular also presented the five products that had successively entered the Green Path, which are Castor® Branched Aortic Stent-Graft System ("Castor®"), Reewarm® PTX Drug Coated Balloon Dilation Catheter, Minos™ Ultra Low-Profile AAA Stent-Graft System, Talos™ Thoracic Stent Graft System and FONTUS™ Single-branched Stent Graft System in Surgical Operation. Of the five, Castor® was approved for registration and launched in June 2017. Thus far, a total of 14 products of MicroPort® or its related companies have been granted entry into the Green Path, which not only marks an endorsement of the independent innovation, but will also expedite the marketing progress of various kinds of high-tech medical devices and benefit more patients.
MicroPort® is focused on independent innovation and always makes high-intensity investment in R&D, with an accumulated investment of tens of billions of Chinese yuan (including those of the overseas subsidiaries in history). MicroPort® currently holds over 3,500 patents or patent applications (about 2,000 patents or patent applications overseas). The innovation ambition of the MicroPort® employees stems from the motto of "The Patient Always Comes First", where the rationale and motive behind all the business activities originate in patients, for the patients and are used in patients, and all ideas of innovation are from the doctors, for the doctors and attributed to the doctors. The MicroPort® employees firmly believe that everyone is born with equal rights to medicine, health, and the pursuit of a longer life. Therefore, the MicroPort® employees strive to work with people from all walks of life, to actively create the revolutionary medical technologies to allow global citizens to enjoy the above rights.

About MicroPort®

MicroPort Scientific Corporation (the "Group") is a leading medical device company with business focusing on innovating, manufacturing, and marketing high-quality and high-end medical devices globally. With a diverse portfolio of products now being used at an average rate of one for every 12 seconds in thousands of major hospitals around the world, the Group maintains world-wide operations in a broad range of business segments including Cardiovascular, Orthopedic, Cardiac Rhythm Management, Electrophysiological, Endovascular, Neurovascular, Surgical, Diabetes Care and Endocrinal Management, and others. MicroPort® is dedicated to becoming a patient oriented global enterprise improve and reshape patient lives through application of innovative science and technology.

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