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Drinking Water Scientifically at Night Is Essential for CAD Patients

Usually a sudden attack of coronary disease in daily time is able to be treated in time, but those who suffered angina pectoris, coronary occlusion or cerebral thrombosis at night may not be lucky enough to be saved. It is endorsed that if the patients pay enough attention to the night health care especially in drinking, the incidence of the disease could be decreased.
Water should always be provided on the bedside tables for the patients. They should drink a glass of warm boiled water half an hour before go to bed so as to assure that the blood viscosity is under the proper level. An additional glass of water is also of great importance especially for those who are troubled by diarrhea or sweat more. Beyond this, the patients should drink more water as soon as they get up since the risk of coronary heart disease is extremely high in the morning due to the lack of water. At this time, timely water supplement could promote the circulation of the blood, accelerating the body's metabolism. It is for these reasons that why drinking three glasses of water plays so important a part in the patients' life is understandable.
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