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CRONUS™ Stent Graft in Surgical Operation

The CRONUS™ Stent Graft System in Surgical Operation is intended for the treatment of DeBakey I aortic dissection and some cases of DeBakey III aortic dissection. It can replace the traditional "elephant trunk" operation, shorten operation time and obviate the need for a second operation.


  • Flexible Stent Structure Excellent Sealing Effect
    Modern weaving technique guarantees high burst strength and low dilation PET graft with excellent biocompatibility;
    Conichrome wire with super elasticity provides stable radial strength for stable flow recovery;
    Flexible stent structure ensures excellent match with the aortic wall.
    Convenient Deployment System
    The indented line on the handle identify the position of the stent proximal edge and the graft length to be sutured with vascular graft;
    A pre-shaped curve ensures good match with the aortic wall;
    Pull-wire release design achieves convenient deployment;
    Fusiform tip smoothly leads the whole system trace through the narrow vascular lesions and reduces vascular damage.

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