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FireMagic™ Cardiac RF Ablation Catheter

The FireMagic™ Thermocouple Cardiac Ablation Catheter is designed for the treatment of tachyarrhythmia. The figure below shows the product structure.

The FireMagic™ Cardiac Ablation Catheter, which is composed of medical grade thermoplastic elastic polymer and a number of platinum electrodes, is designed for cardiac electrophysiology mapping and ablation. During the procedure, the catheter working with RF generator transmits radiofrequency current to the tip electrode for ablation purposes. The embedded thermocouple sensor in the tip electrode, which is connected to the RF generator with the accessory cable, provides continuous monitoring of temperature in the procedure.


  • High-torque material results in excellent maneuverability;
    Precise thermocouple provides fast and accurate monitoring of temperature response;
    Platinum electrodes and low resistance enable high-fidelity acquisition of IECG signal;
    Inlayed electrode ensures full contact with the endocardium and avoids unexpected components falling;
    A wide selection of curve shapes and excellent steering performance permits high reachability to targeted anatomy;
    Sharp imaging performance under X-ray.