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Antelope™ Anterior Cervical Plate System

The Antelope™ is a semi-rigid system intended for anterior cervical intervertebral body fixation with safe and effective secure-lock plate and double-apex screws.


  • Secure-lock(PCT/CN/2010/077776)
    fast and effective locking
    excellent anti-pull-out performance
    High endurance limit
    runout at 5000000 cycles in compressive fatigue(ASTM F1717)
    Large viewing windows
    optimum graft viewing
    System of versatility
    surgeon can select from fixed, variable and hybrid construct

Competitive Products Comparition
Plates specification
Plate level Size(mm) ThickNess(mm)
One level plate 24~37(2mm increment) 2.3
Two level plate 39~53(2mm increment) 2.3
Three level plate 54~78(3mm increment) 2.3
Four level plate 73~97(4mm increment) 2.3
Screws specification