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Firestone™ Cervical Fusion Device

Firestone™ Cervical Fusion Device (hereinafter short for Firestone™) is a PEEK (polyetheretherketone) fusion device that intended for stabilization use and to promote bone fusion during the normal healing process following surgical correction of disorders of the cervical spine.


  • PEEK material: radiolucent and biocompatible
    Patented teeth design(Interbody fusion device,201010111105.06): aggressive teeth grip the endplates for a secure implant placement.
    Titanium mark: the high-visible titanium mark indicate the location of implant clearly.
Size Type Height(mm) Angle Length Width
small wedge 4~10(1mm increment) 11mm 11mm
medium wedge 4~10(1mm increment) 11mm 14mm
large wedge 4~10(1mm increment) 14mm 14mm
small curved 4~10(1mm increment) 11mm 11mm
medium curved 4~10(1mm increment) 11mm 14mm
large curved 4~10(1mm increment) 14mm 14mm
1 0400002 Cage Inserter
2 0400003 Tryout Block X4
  0400004 Tryout Block X5
  0400005 Tryout Block X6
  0400006 Tryout Block X7
  0400007 Tryout Block X9
  0400008 Tryout Block X9
  0400009 Tryout Block X10
  0400010 Tryout Block H4
  0400011 Tryout Block H5
  0400012 Tryout Block H6
  0400013 Tryout Block H7
  0400014 Tryout Block H8
  0400015 Tryout Block H9
  0400016 Tryout Block H10
3 0400017  Gripper
4 0400018  Cage Filler Block A
5 0400019 Cage Filler Block B
6 0400020 Bone Tamp
7 0400021 Adjust Stick
8 0400022 Bone Rasp
9 0400023 Spoon Curette
10  0400024  Tryout Block Case