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PROFEMUR® Z Hip Stem System

With modular necks, the stem is streamlined relative to traditional fixed neck implants. PROFEMUR®  Z implants simplify stem insertion and minimize soft tissue stretching. The streamlined geometry also allows surgeons to optimize implant positioning based on fit and fixation rather than settling for placement dictated by a fixed neck implant with limited maneuverability.

Once properly positioned, surgeons can use PROFEMUR™ Z modular necks to equalize leg length, optimize offset and maximize joint stability simultaneously.

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  • Simple for unidirectional control during stem insertion
    Dual-tapered stem geometry is designed to provide primary fixation and even load transfer
    PROFEMUR™ Z-Grit-blasted surface (Ra 8µm) is designed to offer pressfit fixation and long-term bone apposition
    Rectangular cross-section is designed to conserve bone and offer rotational stability
    Round, tapered tip minimizes point contact and reduces risk of fracture during insertion
    PROFEMUR™ Plasma Z-Plasma spray in proximal region is designed to provide additional 1mm press-fit(0.5mm/side) to encourage initial stability and potential long-term bone apposition