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PROFEMUR® RENAISSANCE™ Stems are indicated for use in total hip arthroplasty for reduction or relief of pain and/or improved hip function in skeletally mature patients with the following conditions:

1. non-inflammatory degenerative joint disease such as osteoarthritis, avascular necrosis, ankylosis, protrusion acetabuli, and painful hip dysplasia;
2. inflammatory degenerative joint disease such as rheumatoid arthritis;
3. correction of functional deformity;
4. revision procedures where other treatments or devices have failed.

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  • Driving Platform: Threaded slot designed for rotational and axial implant control during stem insertion
    Lateral Shoulder: Rounded lateral shoulder designed to ease stem insertion and minimize risk of fracture
    Plasma Spray: Coating thickness provides 0.5mm (0.25mm per side) additional press-fit for initial stability and long-term
    Proximal Taper: 3°proximal anterior/lateral/posterior taper designed for proximal fill
    Flare: Standard and Reduced flare options designed to ensure metaphyseal fit
    Surface Roughness: Light grit blast texture of titanium stem promotes bone ongrowth and implant stability
    Distal Splines: Designed to provide additional 1mm press-fit (0.5mm perside) for rotational stability
    Sizes: Available in Reduced Flare, Sizes 10-16 and Standard Flare, Sizes 10-18
    Distal Bullet Tip: Round distal tip reduces stress between implant and bone, decreasing potential for thigh pain and risk of fracture during stem insertion
    Distal Slot: Reduces potential for thigh pain and risk of fracture during stem insertion