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LINEAGE® Acetabular Cup System

The LINEAGE® Acetabular Cup System has integrated several design features to allow alumina ceramic, cobalt chrome, polyethylene, and cross-linked poly bearings with or without screw fixation. The  LINEAGE® Acetabular System provides unsurpassed surgical flexibility for shell fixation and bearing material choices. The  LINEAGE® Acetabular Shells are manufactured from Titanium, the material of choice for biocompatibility and reduced stiffness. The unique internal shape and design allow the use of ceramic, metal, or cross-linked liners. This allows the surgeon to select the bearing material most appropriate for a wide range of patient demands and activity.

LINEAGE® Acetabular Cup System, shown with your choice of cross-linked poly, metal, or ceramic liners, Cup options include solid, HA-coated, multi-holed, quadrant, or tri-spiked.

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  • Intraoperative flexibility - LINEAGE® is the system which accepts metal, polyethylene, cross-linked poly and ceramic liners
    Shell Options: Solid; Spiked Solid; Quadrant (3 hole); 5 hole; HA Coated; Multi-hole deep profile
    14º flared rim and 0º non-flared hemispherical shell options
    Beaded, porous surface for bony fixation
    Solid, quadrant, and multi-hole options for adjunct fixation when required
    Taper lock system with no lip design cups
    Titanium shell for biocompatibility
    18º internal taper securely locks liners in the shell designed to minimize micro-motion and backside wear