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ADVANCE® Total Knee Arthroplasty System

The ADVANCE® Medial-Pivot knee is a ball-in-socket knee. The femur of the ADVANCE® MP knee functions as the ball where the insert functions as the socket. This allows ADVANCE® to have a stable, conforming medial side with a lateral side that allows 15 degrees of motion in an arcuate path.

The ADVANCE® Medial-Pivot, ball-in-socket knee has also been clinically proved to produce greater range of motion when compared to traditional PS knees and have a femoral rollback profile similar to the natural knee. 

The clinical practice has proved that, the innovation technology, ADVANCE® Medial-Pivot Knee System has excellent clinical efficacy and benefit as a reliable option for the surgeon and patient.

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  • Anatomic Kinematics, Minimized Wear
    Constant Radius
    Enhance Tibiofemoral Contact Area
    Raised Medial Anterior Lip
    Replace PCL while stop anterior slide
    Reproduce Condylar Geometry
    Lateral Compartment allows for 15°rotation around the medial-piovt point
    Medial Compartment allows for anterior-posterior stability
    "Ball-in-socket" mechanism
    Maximize medial congruency
    Provide control A-P translation on the lateral articular surface