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ADVANCE® Double-High Knee

The ADVANCE® Double-High Knee is designed to provide increased stability and allow higher flexion than traditional cruciate-retaining (cr) knees. The medial side of the tibial insert features an anterior lip that measures 10mm in height from the deepest point of the articular surface in all sizes and 23-32mm in length, depending on component size. 

Designed to provide anterior stability and prevent posterior tibial subluxation, the anterior lip resists the paradoxical motion prevalent in traditional CR knees. This non-kinematic paradoxical motion (or anterior femoral sliding) has been shown to reduce flexion by causing early posterior tibio-femoral impingement. It is also theoretically responsible for placing increased stresses on the PCL and increasing tibio-femoral sheer stresses. By reducing the effect of paradoxical motion, the ADVANCE® Double-High Knee may allow increased flexion and protect the PCL from uncharacteristic stresses. To enhance the ability to reach deep flexion, the anterior lip inhibits the femur from sliding forward beyond the posterior third of the tibial surface. This maintains a mechanical advantage by sustaining a long quadriceps lever arm.

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  • Raised Anterior Lip
    Enhance anterior/posterior stability
    Share anterior stresses placed upon the PCL
    PCL-Guided Flexion Path
    LATERAL SIDE - Anatomic path allows the anterior/posterior translation
    Femoral Component With Constant Radius
    Maintains equal tension on ligaments in flexion and extension and eases balancing the PCL
    Allows constant contact area throughout ROM
    Creates an anatomic patella track