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WALTZ® CoCr Coronary Stent System

As MicroPort's latest generation of BMS, the Waltz® features L605 Cobalt-Chromium alloy stent architecture and 3 different stent designs with enhanced radial strength and excellent flexibility, crossability, trackability and pushability to provide premier outcomes.


  •   Enhanced Delivery System and Lesion Access
    Superior tip design increases flexibility and crossability
    Low profile improves trackability and pushability
      Refined Stent Platform Design Combines the Radial Strength and Flexibility
    Cobalt-Chromium alloy stent provides strong radial strength
    Thin strut technology enhances lesion access and vessel wall conformability
    Uniform sine wave and “S” links offer excellent balance between supporting strength and flexibility
    Different design of 3 stent models achieves better vascular coverage and conformability
    Excellent side branch access



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