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FOXTROT™ PRO PTCA Balloon Catheter

As MicroPort's latest generation of PTCA balloon catheter, FOXTROT™ PRO offers unique "stripe" coating and absolute confidence of kissing balloon through 6F guiding catheter with advanced balloon material reducing thickness by 20% compared with JIVE™.


  • Smooth tapered tip with lower entry profile of 0.017"
    Excellent crossability
    Advanced Balloon material with 20% thickness reduction*
    Well controlled compliance
    Superior flexibility and trackability
    Unique "stripe" coating
    Excellent lubricity during tracking
    Enhanced stability during inflation
    Best-in-class shaft profile of 0.033"
    Full capability of kissing balloon through 6F guiding catheter
      *Compared with Jive PTCA Balloon Catheter



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