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Castor™ Branched Aortic Stent-Graft System

Castor™ branched aortic stent-graft system takes the lead in extending TEVAR to the aortic arch, which is the first commercially available branched aortic stent-graft system around the world. The unique uni-body design enables safe and convenient reconstruction of the LSA, reducing the incidence of type I/III endoleaks, owning the long-term stability.


  • Unique uni-body design: branch stent graft (SG) is integrated with the main SG, avoiding the risk of endoleak and long-term migration.
    Standardized design, adaptive to various aortic arch morphology and branch vessel structure.
    Dual-access delivery system to insure accurate positioning of the branch SG.
    Crossing the arch with soft sheath with fast and accurate deployment.