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PROFEMUR® TL Hip Stem System

The Flat tapered wedge stem geometry is designed to provide primary fixation via a proximal femur fit with a reduced geometry to help conserve bone at the lateral shoulder and in the A/P dimension. The versatility of both monolithic and modular neck designs allow for a customizable reconstruction* and address soft tissue tension for a range of patient anatomies. With modular necks, adjustments can be made after stem implantation to address a range of patient anatomies.

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  • Neck Options: Include short Classic version with standard (135°CCD) and Extended (127°CCD) neck angles, along with several long and short modular versions allowing for multiple head center positions to meet range of anatomical needs
    Driving Platform: Dimple designed for uni-directional loading during stem insertion and oval slot designed for rotational control during stem insertion
    Lateral Shoulder: Reduced material helps to conserve bone and ease insertion
    Surface: Titanium stem surface has glass-beaded texture
    Distal Groove: Designed to assist rotational stability
    Plasma Spray: Coating thickness of 1mm (0.5mm per side) for additional press-fit
    Sizes: Available in sizes 1-12
    Rounded Distal Tip: Shape designed to reduce the risk of fracture during insertion and minimize point contact after implantation
    Stem Inserters: PROFEMUR® Screwdriver Inserter (P/N PRFS0460; for modular stems only) designed to provide rotational control; Final Stem Impactor (P/N PPF60200) designed for uni-directional loading; PROFEMUR® Classic Stem Impactor (P/N PRCLIMPT; for short Classic stems only) designed to provide rotational control