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Tubridge® Vascular Reconstruction Device

Tubridge® is the first intracranial flow diverting stent made in China. It was developed specifically to cure the most fatal large(>20mm)or giant(>25mm) aneurysms. The device cures the cerebral aneurysm by effectively diverting the blood flow based on the hemodynamics, reducing the impact of blood flow to the cerebral aneurysm, and enabling the endothelial cells to grow along the stent struts and gradually repair aneurysmal neck.


  • 48/64 Ni-Ti alloy wires braided mesh design
    Stent Comfortability: Unique braided mesh design structure, smooth delivering even in tortuous anatomies
    Niti Superelasticity: Suitable for tapering intracranial arterial vessels, allowing for better vessel wall apposition and support
    Longitudinal Deformation: The “push-pull” technique enables the changes in stent mesh density at the aneurysmal neck, resulting in higher “flow diverting” effect
    Easy deployment
    Instant deployment upon withdrawing the delivery microcatheter
    The device can be recaptured and redeployed up to three times
    Excellent visibility
    Visualization is achieved by two strands of Platinoiridium wire, allowing for a precise and controllable positioning
Stent Diameter (mm) Stent Length (mm)
10 15 20 25 30 35 45
Φ2.5 TB2510 TB2515 TB2520        
Φ3.0   TB3015 TB3020 TB3025 TB3030 TB3035  
Φ3.5   TB3515 TB3520 TB3525 TB3530 TB3535  
Φ4.0   TB4015 TB4020 TB4025 TB4030 TB4035 TB4045
Φ4.5   TB4515 TB4520 TB4525 TB4530 TB4535 TB4545
Φ5.0   TB5015 TB5020 TB5025 TB5030 TB5035 TB5045
Φ5.5     TB5520 TB5525 TB5530 TB5535 TB5545
Φ6.0       TB6025 TB6030 TB6035 TB6045
Φ6.5         TB6530 TB6535 TB6545