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KORA™ 100 Pacemaker

Kora™ 100 is a pacing system known for small size (only 8 cc), longevity (12 years), and high performance. KORA™ 100 provides the first MRI mode that automatically detects an MRI magnetic field.1

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  • Always one step ahead
    Less time, more flexibility
    Making MRI scans easy and safe for pacemaker patients
    Automatic switch to initial configuration
    No post-MRI visit needed
    Advanced AV management for increased protection
    Reduces RV pacing in SND and AVB patients
    Manages ALL types of AV blocks at rest and at exercise
    Sleep Apnea Monitoring (SAM™)
    Early detection, long-term risk reduction
    Reliable screening to detect severe Sleep Apnea with high specificity (85%) and high sensitivity (89%)
    Correlated with gold standard Apnea–Hypopnea Index
    Designed to monitor the evolution of sleep apnea
    Dual Sensor™
    Adjust to metabolic needs, Exercise safely
    Designed to physiologically modulate heart rhythm by combining Accelerometer and Minute Ventilation sensors


  1. REPLY DR Competitive Summary, Sorin Group, ULS4222C, October 2013.
  2. KORA 100 DR with typical conditions using SafeR: 50% A pacing, 5% V pacing, SAM ON, 60 min-1, 2.5V, 0.35ms, 750 ohms, EGM & Diagnostics ON, Rate response ON, Sensors ON. KORA 100 SR, 11.4 years of longevity in 7.5cc only with conditions: 100% V pacing, SAM ON, 60 min-1, 2.5V, 0.35ms, 750 ohms, EGM & Diagnostics on, Rate response on, Sensors on.