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REPLY™ 200 Pacemaker

Reply™ 200 is the world’s smallest pacemaker with Sleep Apnea Monitoring, extending the boundaries in cardiovascular disease management.1

Reply™ 200 automatically screens patients at risk of severe sleep apnea, featuring a suite of algorithms designed to prevent serious cardiovascular comorbidities.

Reply™ 200 is built on the Reply platform. Reply pacemakers:

- 99.96% cumulative survival 6 years after implantation.

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  • SafeR™
    Advanced AV management for increased protection
    Reduces RV pacing in SND and AVB patients
    Manages ALL types of AV blocks at rest and at exercise
    Sleep Apnea Monitoring (SAM™)
    Early detection, long-term risk reduction
    Reliable screening to detect severe Sleep Apnea with high specificity (85%) and high sensitivity (89%)
    Correlated with gold standard Apnea–Hypopnea Index
    Designed to monitor the evolution of sleep apnea
    Dual Sensor™
    Adjust to metabolic needs, Exercise safely
    Designed to physiologically modulate heart rhythm by combining Accelerometer and Minute Ventilation sensors


  1. Competition technical manuals (dual-chamber pacemakers) available online.