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Platinium™ ICD is the world's longest projected longevity with proven therapeutic functions. 1-4

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  • World's longest projected longevity
    Platinium™ VR Longevity = 14.3 years
    Platinium™ DR Longevity = 13.1 years
    Breakthrough technology that stands the test of time
    40% reduced electronic consumption
    20% improved battery capacity
    Reforming-free capacitors mean zero energy is wasted
    World's first dual-chamber discrimination algorithm
    Best in class 99% specificity
    Low inappropriate shock rate
    Immediate protection with Parad+™ out-of-the-box setting
    Avoids deleterious effects of excessing RV pacing
    Activated automatically on implant
    Low inappropriate shock rate
    More than 96% preserved intrinsic conduction
    Unlocks Brady and Tachy therapies in the slow VT zone
    96% specificity in slow VT zone
    A proof of Parad+™ discrimination performance


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