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Aspiration™ Medial Stability Total Knee Replacement System

With accumulated experience based on the long-term clinical success, Aspiration™ is designed not only to provide better mobility and reliability, but to restore the kinematics of normal knee and to maintain the stability during the entire range of motion. Aspiration™ is the admirable solution to assuredly improve postoperative patient satisfaction.


  • MicroPort® unique innovative medial stability system featured a ball-in-socket design.
    Stability at the medial side and the balanced movement at the lateral side.
    Restore the mechanics and kinematics of normal knee.
    The MicroPort® first domestic manufactured TKA prosthesis approved by CFDA.


Tibial Tray Femoral Component
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1   2/1 3/1          
1+   2/1 3/1          
2       4/2        
2+       4/2        
3         5/3      
3+         5/3      
4           6/4 7/4  
4+           6/4 7/4  
5             7/5  


In 1998, the MicroPort® first generation medial stability TKA was launched in the United States. With 20 years of successful clinical results and over 600,000 cases globally, medial stability knee announced its excellent implant survivorship (98.9%) and patient satisfaction(95%) over 17 years follow-up[1,2]. MicroPort® patented unique innovative medial stability system features a ball-in-socket joint design, which is established on a clinically approved successful design. With the stability at the medial side and the balanced movement at the lateral side, the mechanics and kinematics of normal knee can be restored. As a result, the patients feel more comfortable and almost have a ‘forgotten’ knee. MicroPort® always keep in mind to deliver effective innovations and to push the techniques improving. Adopting the international highest manufacturing standards to provide the domestic patients a more effective and safer medical solution so that the international advanced equivalent treatments are available for the Chinese within their comfortable homeland.


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