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Hercules™ Bifurcated Stent-Graft System


  • Dual Mini Spring
    Proprietary; Increased radial strength; Perfect match with the artery; Decreased endoleak risk
    Nitinol Wire
    Superelastic shape memory alloy; Stable radial strength
    Connecting Bar
    Avoiding axial shortening; Minimal graft migration
    Terylene Fabric
    Great biocompatibility; Thin thickness; Superior strength; Low blood leakage
    Radiopaque Markers
    13 markers; Aiding in accurate positioning; Providing excellent visualization
    Overlapping Area: 25-35mm
    Ipsilateral Limb
    Height mutative; Perfect fit to the contour of the aorta;
    Exoskeleton spring; Increased radial strength; Ensured endopatency

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