Hercules™Low-Profile Thoracic Stent-Graft System

Product Introduction

  • Product Overview

The Hercules™ Stent Graft System features a unique proximal tip-capture mechanism, which enables controlled deployment and accurate placement of the stent graft. The low profile out sheath diameter, capability of crossing the arch has remarkable advantages compared with similar devices. The launch of Hercules™ Stent Graft System with low profile delivery would help physicians cope with the clinical challenge during the operation better.

  • Product Features
  1. Low profile outer sheath
    Generally decrease by 4F. The outer sheath diameter for 34mm stent graft is ONLY 18F.
  2. Superior conformability with soft inner sheath
    The PET soft inner sheath enables the stent system to easily navigate the aortic arch
  3. Unique tip capture mechanism
    Ensure accurate and safe deployment of the stent graft
  4. Large tapered design
    A selection of 0-10mm taper
  5. Height-mutative main body stent
    Readily conforming to the contours of the aorta