Columbus® 3D EP Navigation System

Product Introduction

Columbus® 3D EP Navigation System, providing information about the electrical activity of the heart and catheter location in real time, is designed for the diagnosis of arrhythmias and acts as a guidance for catheter ablation.

  1. With stable magnetic field and sensitive sensors, the magnetic-based 3D mapping system display the curve shape and motivation of catheter in real time
  2. With the help of effective algorithm, the system can reconstruct 3D anatomic geometry of heart chamber and continuously correct and improve the accuracy with the increase number of mapping points
  3. The system is integrated with 32 IECG channels and 12 SECG channels and has the function of real time/review window display, time/voltage measurement
  4. With accurate preoperative CT/MRI registration and integration function, and combination of catheter localization and event recording function