Firefighter™ PTCA Balloon Catheters

Product Introduction

Firefighter™ is rapid exchange PTCA Balloon Catheters, which is intended to be used for the purpose of dilatation restenosis after primary coronary artery stenosis or revascularization. Dilating the balloon enables to reshape the blood vessel and improve myocardial perfusion.

  1. Brand new material, Thinner wall thickness, Higher dilatation force, Enhanced balloon compliance.
  2. Ultra low outside diameter 0.029 inch, to achieve kissing balloon technique within 5F guiding catheter(1.00-2.00mm).
  3. Exceptional deliverability , inner shaft with fluorine-containing material reduces wire-balloon frication ,outer shaft with gradient stiffness design increases pushability.
  4. Complete specifications, 1.0 mm small size balloon is more suitable for challenging CTO lesions.