Benefits & Rewards

Create an environment that supports talent growth

To attract, retain and cultivate talents, we provide a comprehensive compensation and benefit plan, constantly strive to provide the best security for our employees, and create a supportive environment to nurture talent growth.

  • Compensation and Benefit

    Compensation = fixed salary + floating bonus, we offer competitive compensation, to demonstrate our appreciation and recognition for talents.

  • Benefit

    At MicroPort®,At MicroPort®,In addition to statutory benefits, you will be provided with a list of extra benefits, including: Supplementary additional annual leave, commercial insurance, cash gift for wedding birthday/holiday gifts, high temperature allowance, working meals and other cash or non-cash bonus plans.

  • Training and Development

    MicroPort® provides a stage for you to fulfill your potential, where those who really want to do something will find their places. We offer orientation, general and professional trainings, E-learning system, and dual-track career development plan to every new employee.

  • Balance between Work and Life

    MicroPort® not only supports employees' achievements at work, we are concerned with their quality of life. We do everything possible to keep employees feel secure. For your health, we provide free medical examination, free fitness, staff care plan, and social events with other companies. For your family we provide flexible working hours and Family Open Day.

List of Benefits

  • Social insurance and housing fund

  • Additional housing fund

  • Commercial insurance

  • Cash gift for wedding

  • Birthday gift

  • Cash gift for holidays

  • High temperature allowance

  • Working meals

  • Other cash or non-cash incentive plans

  • Additional leave with salary

  • Medical examination

  • Free fitness

  • Employee care plan

  • Talent Apartment-Microport home

  • Social events with other companies

  • Flexible working hours

  • Family Open Day

  • Orientation for new staff

  • General skill training

  • Professional skill training

  • E-Learning system

  • Dual-channel career development plan