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Since our foundation, we have worked towards our goal to deliver innovative medical solutions that reshape and prolong lives of patients everywhere. To achieve our purpose we work in close collaboration with doctors and medical societies. This partnership has enabled us to bring high-quality medical treatments to a large array of patients and doctors across multiple fields, including cardiovascular, orthopedics, cardiac rhythm management, electro-physiology, endovascular, neurovascular among others.

With presence in more than 10,000 hospitals worldwide, covering more than 80 countries, over 300 products and 100 in the pipeline we continually strive to help create a better world through providing enabling technologies. Today, one of our devices is used across the globe every 6 seconds.

We continually engage and develop educational tools to support patients treated with our products.

MicroPort® Conscience is focused on pre-operative, intra-operative, and post-operative patient education, it is the product support and service provider for patient groups of China. It provides professional services to every patient, providing general education information and answering questions about our products and and treatments.

Other services and educational tools are available and differ in the various geographies we operate.