Active resynchronization

Healthcare Professionals Cardiac Rhythm Management BTO™

Brady Tachy OverlapTM – BTOTM
96% specificity in slow VT zone.1

A proof of Parad+TM discrimination performance.

BTOTM offers the possibillity to pace the ventricule(s) up to 145 bpm during exercise, and also detect and treat slow ventricular tachycardia (slow VT) of 100 bpm and higher.

Accordingly, BTOTM:

  • Ensures resynchronization whatever the patients’ condition
  • Detects and treats VT with painless therapy
  • Delivers CRT pacing during exercise for cardiac rehabilitation


  1. Sadoul N, et al. Incidence and clinical relevance of slow ventricular tachycardia in implantable cardioverter-defibrillator recipients: an international multicenter prospective study. Circulation. 2005;16;112:946–53.