World's only contractility sensor for automatic CRT optimization
SonR™ measures real-time LV contractilty1 to optimize AV & VV delays.

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SonRTM CRT-D + SonRtipTM Atrial Lead

The Respond CRT system is a unique combination of a cardiac contractility sensor with an advanced AV & VV delays optimization algorithm.

  • SonRTM measures real-time LV contractilty1 to optimize AV & VV delays
  • Provides weekly automatic optimization at rest & exercise
  • 35% Risk reduction in heart failure hospitalization2
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The SonRTM sensor consists of a micro-accelerometer embedded in the tip of the SonRtipTM atrial lead.

The sensor picks up cardiac muscle vibrations that reflect the heart sounds.3

SonRTM signal amplitude is a surrogate for cardiac contractility and correlates with LV dP/dt max.1

SonRTM AV & VV Optimization Algorithm

SonRTM measures real-time LV contractilty4 allowing for automatic optimization of AV & VV delays at rest and during exercise. This allows for the therapy to be continuously adapted to the individual needs of each patient.

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SonRTM optimization is as effective as echo-guided optimization.

The RESPOND-CRTTM trial successfully met its primary endpoint demonstrating that automatic AV & VV optimization using the SonRTM contractility sensor is safe and as effective as Echo-guided AV & VV optimization.

75% of clinical responders in the SonRTM group versus 70% in the control group (p<0.001).

SonRtipTM Lead proven to be safe.

The SonRtipTM lead was proven to be safe, with only 1% of patients reporting lead dislodgement and 0.1% of patients reporting lead fracture.

35% risk reduction in heart failure hospitalization.

The RESPOND-CRTTM landmark trial revealed that sensor-based CRT optimization with SonRTM is associated with a 35% reduced risk in heart failure hospitalization.

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This feature is not available for sale or distribution in the USA. For further information on product availability, please contact your local representative.

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