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With a complete focus on rapid recovery surgical approaches and implants, MicroPort® has partnered with pioneering surgeons in the development of a number of tissue-sparing surgical hip approaches. Our patients have stayed in the hospital for a shorter amount of time, been discharged directly to their home more often, and are less likely to return within 30 days for any reason.1-3

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Tissue sparing surgical approaches

Product Overview

MicroPort® Orthopedics is at the forefront of surgical techniques for total hip replacement designed to minimize tissue damage and streamline recovery.

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Acetabular hip systems

Product Overview

MicroPort® Orthopedics offers a variety of acetabular cup systems designed to meet the needs of any total hip arthroplasty approach or surgeon preference. Providing unsurpassed surgical flexibility for shell fixation and bearing material choices, our various acetabular cup systems have 25 years of market history.

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Femoral hip stems

Product Overview

The Profemur® line of primary and revision hip stems are designed for intra-operative flexibility, allowing for one set of instruments for multiple stems. Each Profemur® hip stem is designed in line with an established stem philosophy, incorporating features that have been in the market for several years and improving on those features with proven materials and instrumentation.

Innovative Products

PICTO Patients

SuperPath® Hip Approach & Patient Recovery

Surgeons utilizing the SuperPath® Minimally Invasive Hip Approach share their experiences on the recovery of patients undergoing the SuperPath® Surgical Approach.

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SuperPath® Hip Approach vs. Traditional Hip Approaches

Surgeons utilizing the SuperPath® Minimally Invasive Hip Approach give their insight on the difference between traditional hip surgical approaches and the SuperPath® Surgical Approach.

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Every patient is different, and individual results will vary. There are risks and recovery times associated with surgery.

Not all products and options are available in all countries.

These surgeons are paid consultants for MicroPort® Orthopedics. The opinions expressed are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of MicroPort® Orthopedics Inc.


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