MicroPort® Orthopedics and School of Medical Instrument and Food Engineering of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology Held Agreement Signing and Inauguration Ceremony for Mutual Cooperation

Suzhou, China – On January 21, the MicroPort® Orthopedics Group - School of Medical Instrument and Food Engineering of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (“the School”) Excellent Engineering Education Agreement Signing and Inauguration  Ceremony for Mutual Cooperation was held on the MicroPort® Suzhou Campus. MicroPort® Orthopedics China President Mr. Robin Weng and Dean of the School Mr. Baolin Liu signed the cooperation agreement on behalf of both parties respectively, and inaugurated the Medical Device United Innovation and Student Practice Base.


The mutual cooperation was jointly initiated by the three subsidiary companies of MicroPort® Orthopedics: Suzhou MicroPort® Orthopedic Medical Instrument Co. Ltd., Suzhou MicroPort® OrthoRecon Co, Ltd ., and Suzhou MicroPort® Spine & Trauma Co. Ltd., which was actively echoed by the School. Suzhou Industrial Park High-end Manufacturing and International Trade District (“the District”) Administrative Committee Deputy Director Mr. Hong Meng, Head of Industry Department Ms. Zhen Zhao, and Deputy Head of Workplace Safety Department Mr. Dawei Cao attended the ceremony. Mr. Robin Weng, Mr. Hong Meng, and Mr. Baolin Liu delivered their speeches and sent congratulations to the mutual cooperation. 


Mr. Hong Meng said, “The cooperation is a union between an industry-leading company and a characteristic scientific research institute, which forms a key link to build the 5-in-1 innovation system covering government, industry, university, researcher and user.”


MicroPort® Orthopedics China President Mr. Robin Weng said, “The signing of the agreement will promote a more extensive bilateral cooperation in the areas of product development, commercialization and technical services. The close cooperation between the university and the company will help build a base to foster the Excellent Engineering Talents for the medical device industry.”


MicroPort® Orthopedics is always focused on the cutting edge technology in the field of orthopedics. It thinks highly of the deep integration of the industry, university, researcher and physician, and adheres to original innovation and commercialization to develop more orthopedic products with self-owned intellectual property. The cooperation with the School, which has established itself with the scientific research in the field of medical devices, marks the first cooperative program involving a university since the opening of the Suzhou Campus of MicroPort® Orthopedics, and has deep strategic significance. In the future, MicroPort® Orthopedics will continue to commit to the development of the cutting-edge technologies with independent R&D and cooperation between physicians and engineers, so as to commercialize the best and affordable therapeutic solutions to improve the patients' quality of life.