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Medical devices company for Cardio Rhythm Management, Orthopedics...
MicroPort is an international medical devices company, founded on the belief that every person has the right to high quality medical treatments and to live longer and healthier lives.
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MicroPort® CardioFlow Receives Approval for VitaFlow® Aortic Valve System in Argentina
MicroPort® Access Receives Approvals for Angiography Guidewire and Angiography Catheter in Brazil
MicroPort® EP Announces New Strategic Investors
MicroPort® Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Business Announces New Investors
MicroPort® Cardiac Rhythm Management Business Announces New Investor
MicroPort Scientific Corporation Announces Completion of Placing
MicroPort Firehawk® TARGET AC clinical study three-year results announced at PCR e-course affirms the long-term safety and effectiveness of Firehawk®
MicroPort® announces strategic collaboration on digital subtraction angiography system with Siemens Healthineers
MicroPort® Holds 2020 Annual General Meeting in Shanghai
MicroPort® Announces Strategic Investment and Forms Joint Venture with Indian Medical Device Company Purple Medical
Tigertriever® Revascularization Device Produced by Rapid Medical Ltd., an Affiliate Company of MicroPort® NeuroTech, Enters
MicroPort® Orthopedics Group Brings in New Strategic Investors
MicroPort® and NDR, a Developer of Automated Needle Targeting Robotics System, Announce Strategic Investment and Agreement to Establish a Joint Venture in China
MicroPort® and Robocath Announce Strategic Investment and Binding Term Sheet to Form a Vascular Robotics Joint Venture for the China Market
MicroPort® CardioFlow Completes Raising New Round of Funds
MicroPort® Announces Annual Results for 2019
MicroPort® EP's Remote ECG Technology Contributes to Building of Intelligent Shelter Hospital
Endovastec™ Wins 2019 Shanghai Municipal Quality Management Prize
MicroPort® EP Receives Approvals for Multiple Catheters and Other Devices in Indonesia
Endovastec™ Completes the First Implantation of Minos® Stent Graft Outside of China
MicroPort® Orthopedics' First Chinese-made Total Hip Arthroplasty System Receives NMPA Approval
Endovastec™ Wins "Pudong New Area Quality Gold Prize"
MicroPort® EP's Contact Force-Sensing RF Ablation Catheter Completes First Case in Clinical Trial
MicroPort® and Shanghai Municipal Research Center for Health Development Enter into Strategic Cooperation Agreement
MicroPort® Enters into Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Shanghai General Hospital
MicroPort® Rehab Tech Debuts at Comprehensive Academic Annual Conference of Chinese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine
MicroPort® Makes the List of First Batch of "Pudong New Area Demonstration Bases for Integration of Science & Technology Innovation and Science Communication"
Endovastec™ Minos® Stent Graft Enters 2019 Shanghai Municipal Recommendation Directory for Innovative Products
MicroPort® Attends Eleventh Left Main & Coronary Bifurcation Summit (CBS 2019)
MicroPort® Orthopedics Attends COA 2019
MicroPort® NeuroTech Attends Second Shaolin Interventional Neurosurgical Conference and 5th Central China Cerebrovascular Disease Forum
Firehawk® Project Wins 2019 PMI (China) Project Management Award – Excellent Project
MicroPort® CardioFlow Attends the Fifth Edition of PCR-CIT China Chengdu Valves
MicroPort® Won APQO Innovation Class Award 2019
MicroPort® Wins First Edition of "Shanghai Municipality Intellectual Property Innovation Award"
MicroPort® Firesorb® Pivotal Study (FUTURE III) Holds National Investigator Kick-off Meeting in Beijing
MicroPort® Exhibits VitaFlow® Integrated Solution at Third Edition of China Structure Week
Endovastec™ Post-marketing Clinical Study of Minos® Abdominal Aortic Stent-Graft and Delivery System Noted in Shanghai
Inauguration of MicroPort® Orthopedics' International Shared Services Center in Costa Rica
MicroPort® CRM Announces First Implant in Japan of the New Eno™ Pacemaker Family, World's Smallest 1.5T & 3T MRI Conditional Pacemakers*
MicroPort® CRM Japan Starts Direct Sales Operations in Japan and Launches the New ENO™ Pacemaker Family
MicroPort® Announces Interim Results for the Six Months Ended June 30, 2019
Endovastec™, a Subsidiary of MicroPort®, Listed on the STAR Market of the Shanghai Stock Exchange
MicroPort® Orthopedics Announces Launch of its Evolution® NitrX™ Knee
VitaFlow® Transcatheter Aortic Valve and Delivery System Receives NMPA Approval
MicroPort® EP Obtains Approval for OptimAblate™ Cardiac RF Generator from National Medical Products Administration of China (NMPA)
Mr. Rodrigo Pérez Estrada Joins MicroPort® as Vice President Global Branding
MicroPort® Attends the 13th Oriental Congress of Cardiology (OCC 2019)
MicroPort® NeuroTech Donates a Tubridge® Device to Successfully Save the Life of a Patient Diagnosed with Multiple Intracranial Aneurysms
MicroPort® Attends 12th Annual Conference of Chinese Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons (CAOS 2019)
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Receives Reimbursement in France for Firehawk<sup>®</sup>
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Announces Successful Non-Inferior Two-Year Clinical Data for its Firehawk Drug-eluting Stent at EuroPCR 2019
MicroPort® Takes Part in 2019 Yangtze River Delta Health Summit
MicroPort® EP Teams up with MicroPort® CRM to Attend Annual Meeting of the German Society of Cardiology (DGK)
MicroPort® Participates in China Brand Day
MicroPort® NeuroTech Attends the 16th Edition of China Forum of Cerebrovascular Diseases (CFCVD)
Tubridge® Holds Fifth Presentation at World Live Neurovascular Conference (WLNC)
Endovastec™ Attends the 4th Edition of Vascular Innovation Symposium (VINNOVA)
MicroPort® Attends the 22nd Edition of China Cardiovascular Intervention Forum (CCIF 2019)
MicroPort® Attends 24th Cardiovascular Summit TCTAP 2019 in Korea
MicroPort® Attends the 2019 World Health Expo
MicroPort® CardioFlow Attends the Fifth Edition of China Valve (Hangzhou) 2019
MicroPort® Orthopedics Receives NMPA Approvals for Chinese-made Wedge-Shaped Femoral Stem and Metal Femoral Head
MicroPort® MedBot's 3D Electronic Laparoscope Enters "Green Path"
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> CardioFlow Attends CSI Asia-Pacific 2019
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Receives CE Mark for Firehawk Liberty™, a New Generation Rapamycin Target Eluting Coronary Stent System
The First Edition of MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Master Course Complex PCI Cross-Regional Program Ends Successfully
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> EP's PathBuilder™ Steerable Introducer Wins Approval from National Medical Products Administration of China (NMPA)
MicroPort® Wins the Title of Shanghai Municipality Model Unit for Six Consecutive Years
MicroPort® Makes the List of Top 20 Companies with Outstanding Contribution to Pudong New Area's Scientific and Technological Innovation in 2018
MicroPort® Medical Robotics Symposium of the Medical Engineering Committee under Shanghai Association of Integrative Medicine Took Place Successfully
MicroPort® Receives Approval to Launch ARBORES™ Kyphoplastic Balloon Catheter in China
MicroPort® Orthopedics Attends 2019 American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) Annual Meeting
MicroPort® Aspiration™ and SoSuperior™ Total Knee Replacement Systems Obtain NMPA Approvals
Endovastec™ Obtains NMPA Approval to Launch Minos™ Ultra-Low Profile Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Stent Graft System
China Interventional Therapeutics (CIT) 2019: Innovative Products of MicroPort® Muster on Display
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Announces Annual Results for 2018
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Orthopedics Announces Executive Change
MicroPort® Wins the Award of Top 10 Pudong Headquarters Economy Classic Samples
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Panoramic Endoscope Design Wins iF DESIGN AWARD 2019
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Won 2018 Shanghai Municipality Gold Quality Prize
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Orthopedics and School of Medical Instrument and Food Engineering of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology Held Agreement Signing and Inauguration Ceremony for Mutual Cooperation
Firehawk<sup>®</sup> and Rega<sup>®</sup> Family Implantable Pacemakers Make the List of Health China (2018) • Top 10 Medical Devices
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Orthopedics Aspiration Medial Stability Total Knee Replacement System – PS Type Implant Obtains Approval in China
Three Subsidiaries of MicroPort® Awarded the Title of 2018 Shanghai Municipality Specialized, Refined, Characteristic and Novel Small and Medium-Size Enterprise
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> and Shanghai East Hospital Jointly Initiate the China Interventional Pulmonology Innovation Industry Alliance
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Firehawk<sup>®</sup> Stent Pivotal Study TARGET DAPT Trial Launched at Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University and Completed First Enrollment
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Firehawk<sup>®</sup> Debuts at Taiwan Transcatheter Therapeutics Live Course
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> CRM Announces First Implants of Eno™ and Teo™, World's Smallest 1.5T & 3T MRI Conditional Pacemakers*
MicroPort® Orthopedics and School of Medical Instrument and Food Engineering of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology Held Agreement Signing and Inauguration Ceremony for Mutual Cooperation
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> CRM Announces European Launch of New Tablet Programmer for Implantable Cardiac Devices
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> CRM Announces European Launch of World's Smallest 1.5T & 3T MRI Conditional Pacemaker Portfolio*
Beflex Active Pacing Lead Family Approved in China
Mr. Noboru Shimizu Joined MicroPort<sup>®</sup> CRM as Vice-President, Country Manager Japan, and Head of Commercial Operations of MicroPort<sup>®</sup> CRM Japan Co. Ltd.
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Takes Firehawk<sup>®</sup> to Encore Seoul 2018 in Korea
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Orthopedics Holds First University of Hong Kong - Shenzhen Hospital Total Knee Arthroplasty Technique (TKA) Advancement Course
Experts from Pakistan Society of Interventional Cardiology Visits MicroPort<sup>®</sup>
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Firehawk<sup>®</sup> Appears at the High-level Meeting on China-Africa Health Cooperation
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Brings Product Lines to China Heart Congress (CHC) 2018
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Appears at China Medical Devices Design & Startups Competition & Global Device Week (2018)
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Brings Innovative Products to TCT 2018
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Spine Trauma's Full Series Instruments Granted Registration Approval in Brazil
Suzhou MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Orthocare Holds 1st New Rehabilitation Technique Symposium
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> CRM Announces Change in Strategic Direction for Japan CRM Market and End of Distribution Agreement with JLL in One Year's Time
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Firefighter™ PTCA Balloon Catheter Obtains Approval for Registration in Mexico
Firehawk<sup>®</sup> Presented at the 15th Malaysian Cardiovascular Interventional Symposium with Live Transmission (MYLIVE2018)
MicroPort Sorin CRM Commemorates the Clinical Application of the First Batch of Domestically made Rega<sup>®</sup> Family Pacemakers
Shanghai MicroPort Medical (Group) Co., Ltd. Won A Patent Right Lawsuit Against NewMed Medical Co., Ltd.
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Orthopedics Attends the First Edition of the Northeast Region Joint Surgery Summit Forum
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Orthopedics Holds the Full Function, Faster<sup>®</sup> 2018 Didactic Conference
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> EP Obtains CFDA Approval for EasyFinder™ 3D Steerable Curve Mapping Catheter
Four MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Products Gain Regulatory Approval in Serbia
Firehawk<sup>®</sup> Gains Launch Approval in Hong Kong Public Hospitals
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Orthopedics Attends CAOS 2018
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Orthopedics Attends CKS 2018
Tubridge<sup>®</sup> Displayed in WLNC
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> NeuroTech Hosts Intracranial Vascular Endovascular Repair Summit
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Celebrates its 20th Anniversary
Firebird2<sup>®</sup> Gains Regulatory Approval in Taiwan
Columbus<sup>®</sup> Proved Cost-effective by Health Economic Evaluation Report
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Attends OCC 2018
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Awarded as "Shanghai Brand"
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Attends CCIF 2018
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Attends Exposition on China Indigenous Brand
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> EP Obtains CFDA Approval for Columbus® 3D EP Navigation System (2.0)
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Attends SCC 2018
First Implantation of Rega™ Family Implantable Pacemakers in China
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Displays Firehawk<sup>®</sup> in EuroPCR
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Hosts the Investigator Meeting for Firehawk<sup>®</sup> TARGET DAPT Trial
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> CRM Holds the 12th Edition of New Horizons Scientific Conference
MicroPort Hosts "Firehawk Challenging Hub-Meet the Best" Event in TCTAP
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> CRM Announces PMDA Approval in Japan of PLATINIUM™ 4LV SonR<sup>®</sup>CRT-D <br> <span style="font-size:14px; line-height:22px;"><i>PLATINIUM™ 4LV SonR* combines quadripolar IS-4 left ventricular pacing options with SonR, the worl
MicroPort<sup>®</sup>'s Firehawk<sup>®</sup> Drug Eluting Stent Achieves Primary Endpoint and Shows Very Promising Results From TARGET All-Comers Clinical Trial
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Attends CIT 2018
CIT 2018: MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Hosts Twilight Symposium "MicroPort<sup>®</sup> 20 Years – From Firehawk<sup>®</sup> to Firesorb<sup>®</sup>"
Foreign Experts Visit MicroPort<sup>®</sup> During CIT 2018
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Orthopedics Attends 2018 Qinling Joint Surgery Master Forum
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Orthopedics Holds China-Australia Medial Pivot Knee Seminar
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> NeuroTech Attends 15th CFCVD
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> CardioFlow Attends Fourth China Valve (Hangzhou) Meeting
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> CardioFlow Releases One-year Clinical Outcome of VitaFlow<sup>®</sup>
Mr. Jonathan Chen Promoted to Chief International Business Officer of MPSC
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Completes the Acquisition of the Cardiac Rhythm Management Business from LivaNova
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Announces Shareholder Approval for the Acquisition of the Cardiac Rhythm Management Business from LivaNova
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> EP Attends the 10th VAS-CHINA
Foxtrot™ NC PTCA Gains Regulatory Approval in Malaysia
Firehawk<sup>®</sup> Gains Regulatory Approval in Myanmar
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Scientific India Attends Annual Arthroplasty Conference Hyderabad
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Attends MD&M WEST 2018
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Single-channel ECG Recorder Becomes the First Product Approved According to the Registration Policy
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Orthopedics Attends CHS 2018
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Attends INDIA LIVE 2018
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Vertebral Artery Rapamycin Target Eluting Stent System Granted CFDA Green-Path
MPSC Announces 2017 Annual Results
Tubridge<sup>®</sup> Gains CFDA Approval
Study Shows Patients with MicroPort<sup>®</sup>'s Medial-Pivot Knee Are More Likely to Forget They've Had a Joint Replacement <i>(MicroPort<sup>®</sup>'s medial-pivot knee was designed to provide more stability and replicate the natural kinematics of the
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Signs Strategic Agreement with Wuhan Asian Industrial
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Signs Strategic Agreement with Neptunus Biotechnology
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> EP Attends 2018 Dunhuang Cardiovascular Disease Forum to Display Columbus™
Firehawk<sup>®</sup> Gains Regulatory Approval in Taiwan
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Attends the CCC2018
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Visits Baxiakeqi Village in Xinjiang for Charity Donation
SuperPath™ Technique Helps 103-Year-Old Stand on His Feet the Same Day after Surgery
Firefighter™, Foxtrot<sup>®</sup> Pro, and Foxtrot<sup>®</sup> NC Gain Regulatory Approval in India
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Gains its Fifth State Science and Technology Progress Award
MSC Hosts Product Launch of Rega™ Family Implantable Pacemakers
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Awarded "2017 China Intellectual Property Model Enterprise"
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Awarded "Shanghai Top Brand"
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Awarded 2017 Shanghai Pilot Enterprise with Outstanding Innovation
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Selected as "2017 China Innovative Medical Device Company"
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Orthopedics Holds the Third TKA Training Course in Hong Kong
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> NeuroTech Attends CINS 2017
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> CardioFlow Attends 2017 PCR-CIT China Chengdu Valves
Dongguan Kewei Attends 17th National Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery Congress
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Lifesciences Attends CDS2017
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> EP's RhythmWatch™ Single Lead ECG Recorder Gains CFDA (Class II) Approval
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Attends CBS 2017
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Orthopedics Invites Professor David Blaha for Academic Exchange
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Orthopedics Attends 12th COA
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> EP's Contact Force Sensing RF Ablation Catheter Gains CFDA Green-Path
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Attends Ninth Indonesian Society of Interventional Cardiology Annual Meeting
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Attends 28th GW-ICC
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Hosts Firehawk® SAFE Study Protocol Symposium
WALTZ™ Gains Regulatory Approval in Brazil
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> NeuroTech Attends 17th OCIN
FOXTROT™ NC PTCA Balloon Catheter Gains Regulatory Approval in Argentina
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Attends TCT to Display Firehawk<sup>®</sup> and Firesorb<sup>®</sup>
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Enters into Binding Letter of Intent to Buy Cardiac Rhythm Management Business Franchise from LivaNova for $190 Million
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> CardioFlow Attends 2017 PCR London Valves
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Angiography Guidewire Obtains CFDA Registration Certificate
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Orthopedics Attends Elite Arthroplasty Course-EAC-ISKAA in India
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Listed as "2017 China Import & Export High Quality and Credibility Enterprises"
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> EP Attends 2017 Guangdong Medical Association Cardiology Academic Annual Meeting to Display Columbus™
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> NeuroTech Donates WILLIS<sup>®</sup> to an Injured in Jiuzhaigou Earthquake
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Hosts Training Course of Medical Device Inspector Training Base
MSC CompassAnalyzer™ PSA Completes Patient Enrollment
The First Case of Firehawk<sup>®</sup> in Kazakhstan Completed
First Case of Firehawk<sup>®</sup> in Tibet Completed
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Hosts Supply Chain Innovation Summit
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Orthopedics Hosts SuperPath™ Hip Arthroplasty and Fast Recovery Seminar
Canadian Orthopedic Expert Professor Paul Beaule Visits MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Orthopedics for Academic Exchange
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Orthopedics Holds Medial Pivot Knee Roadshow
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Orthopedics Hosts 2017 Asia Pacific Didactic Meeting
MicroPort® Orthopedics Hosts Satellite Meeting in CAS 2017
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Hosted the Investigator Meeting for Firehawk<sup>®</sup> TARGET CTO Trial in Beijing
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Firesorb<sup>®</sup> FUTURE II Trial Completes Enrolling the First Patient
Firefighter™ PTCA Balloon Catheter Receives Regulatory Approval in South Korea
First Domestically Made World-Class Pacemaker Device Gains CFDA Approval
First Scoliosis Surgery of Takin™ Spinal Posterior Fixation System Successfully Completed
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> and U&I Corporation Signs Cooperation Agreement
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> CardioFlow Brings in Strategic Investors –China Renaissance, CICC and Huatai Securities
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Orthopedics Announces Launch of its Procotyl<sup>®</sup> Prime Acetabular Cup System for Total Hip Replacement Surgery in US
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> EP Obtains CFDA Approval for PathBuilder™ Transseptal Guiding Introducer and Needle
First Surgery of Using Takin™ Spinal Posterior Fixation System in the Treatment of Complex Spinal Tumor Successfully Completed
Firefighter™ PTCA Balloon Catheter Gains Regulatory Approval in Argentina
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> EP Quoted on NEEQ
Firehawk<sup>®</sup> and Foxtrot Pro<sup>®</sup> Obtain Regulatory Approval in Malaysia
Firehawk<sup>®</sup> Displayed in 14th ICSM Annual Conference
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Lifesciences Hosts GnRH Pump Treatment Symposium
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Attends BIOME Device China 2017
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Broadcasts a High-risk Live Case of Firehawk<sup>®</sup> in SOLACI 2017
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Attends 14th Cardiac Imaging & Cardiac Interventional Summit
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Orthopedics Holds the Second TKA Training Course in Hong Kong
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Awarded
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Orthopedics Signs Strategic Agreement with Wiltrom Medical
MPSC Issues Positive Profit Alert for 2017 1H <i>Net Profit Expected to Increase 261%</i>
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> EP Receives Approval to be Quoted on NEEQ
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Lifesciences Attends 2017 CEA Annual Meeting
MSC Launches Clinical Trial for CompassAnalyzer™ PSA
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> and Shanghai East Hospital Establish Translational Medicine Joint Research Center
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> EP Attends EUROPACE-CARDIOSTIM 2017
Firefighter™ PTCA Balloon Catheter Gains CFDA Approval
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Orthopedics Hosts US-Chinese Surgeons Academic Exchange Program
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> EP Participates in a Free Clinic in Jiangxi
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> EP Attends CSA 2017
MPSC Signs Investment Agreement with Zenomics to Promote the Translation of "Smart" Insulin Devices
MPSC 2017 Annual General Meeting Held
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> OrthoRecon Attends the 5th Chinese Knee Society Conference
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> EP Obtains CFDA Approval for OptimAblate™ Irrigation Pump
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> OrthoRecon Hosts Hip Replacement Live Surgery Symposium
MPSC New COO Glendy Wang on Board
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> NeuroTech Attends CSIR 2017
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Attends China and CEEC Health Economy Conference and Exhibition
Firefighter™ PTCA Balloon Dilatation Catheter Gains Regulatory Approval in Brazil
MicroPort® Co-organizes Training Program of 2017 Coronary Interventional Treatment Training Center – Shanghai Division
MicroPort® NeuroTech Attends CSA & TISC 2017
The Project "Research on a Minimal Invasive, High Efficiency Orthopedic Robotic System" Officially Launched in Shanghai
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Attends OCC 2017
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> OrthoRecon Project Listed in National Key R&D Plan
MicroPort® OrthoRecon Hosts SuperPath™ Training Course
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> EP's Project "Cardiac Telemedicine System Based on Smart Device and Cloud" Wins 2016 Shanghai Internet of Things Innovative Product Award
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Hosts 2017 Coronary Product Distributor Conference
ARBORES™ Kyphoplastic Balloon Catheter Receives CE Mark Approval
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> OrthoRecon Attends CAOS 2017
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Celebrates its 19th Anniversary
Dongguan Kewei Hosts 2017 EverMend Structural Heart Disease Expert Salon
First Patient Enrolled for Firehawk® Malaysian TARGET MR Clinical Trial
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> EP Obtains Thailand FDA Approval for Four Products
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Listed as Enterprises Conforming to CSR Standards for Six Consecutive Years
CFDA Official Fanpu Kong Visits MicroPort<sup>®</sup>
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Firehawk<sup>®</sup> Shows Promising Three-month OCT Results from TARGET All Comers Trial
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Broadcasts a Live Case of Firesorb® in EuroPCR
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Broadcasted Two Complex Operations with Firehawk<sup>®</sup> in EuroPCR 2017
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Releases the Latest Clinical Data of TARGET Series Studies
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Attends CCIF 2017
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> NeuroTech Wins the First Prize in "Product R&D and Achievement Transformation" Group of CIAP Innovation Competition
The Article of "Experience with the Columbus™ 3D EP Navigation System in the Dominican Republic" Published in Cardiac Rhythm News
FireMagic™ 3D Gains CFDA Approval
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> OrthoRecon Attends the Sixth Jiangsu Zhejiang Shanghai Anhui Joint Summit
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Attends SCC 2017
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Attends Annual Meeting of NIC
CFDA Official Zhexiong Wang Visits MicroPort<sup>®</sup>
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Awarded Shanghai Pudong New Area Top 20 Outstanding Contributor to Advanced Manufacturing Industry
Two MicroPort<sup>®</sup> EP Products Counted in Ten Innovative Medical Devices Gaining CFDA Approval in 2016
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Signs Strategic Partnership Agreement with China Medical Instrument
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Attends CIT 2017 and Releases One-year Clinical and Angiographic Results of Firesorb<sup>®</sup> FUTURE I Trial
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Signs MOU with Ministry of Health of Malaysia <br><I>Initiating Firehawk<sup>®</sup> TARGET MALAYSIA REGISTRY</I>
Three MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Products Included in the List of the Third Batch of Excellent Domestically Made Medical Products
Firehawk<sup>®</sup> Obtains Regulatory Approval in Colombia
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Signs Strategic Partnership Agreement with Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Medical Device
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> EP Flashpoint™ Renal Artery RF Ablation Catheter Gains CFDA Green-Path
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Orthopedics Announces Launch of its EVOLUTION<sup>®</sup> Revision Tibial System and EVOLUTION<sup>®</sup> BioFoam<sup>®</sup> Tibia in US and Europe
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> OrthoRecon Attends 5th CHS Annual Meeting
MPSC Launches Firehawk<sup>®</sup> in Press Conference and INDIA LIVE
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> NeuroTech Hosts WILLIS<sup>®</sup> Academic Symposium
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> EP Attends the 14th International Conference on Cardiac Electrophysiology
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Hosts the Investigator Meeting for Firesorb<sup>®</sup> Pivotal Clinical Study - FUTURE II Trial
MPSC Selected as Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect Eligible Stock
FireMagic™ Cardiac RF Ablation Catheter and EasyFinder™ Fixed Curve Diagnostic Catheter Gain MFDS Approval
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> OrthoRecon Launches Medial-Pivot Knee Postmarket Clinical Follow-up Program
Firehawk<sup>®</sup> Receives Regulatory Approval in Mexico
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Attends AsiaPCR 2017
Three Products of MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Included in 2016 Shanghai Innovative Product Recommendation List
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Attends MD&M WEST 2017
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Holds Two Coronary Artery CTO Workshops in Malaysia
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> EP Attends the 9th VAS-CHINA
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> OrthoRecon Attends 2nd National Academic Conference in Enhanced Recovery After Arthroplasty
Firehawk<sup>®</sup> Displayed in 2017 Pakistan Live
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Attends CADECI and Completes First Firehawk® Implantation in Mexico
MicroPort Orthopedics Inc. Announces Results of Clinical Outcome Study Demonstrating 98.8% Implant Survivorship of its Medial-Pivot Knee System at 17 Years <br>- High Overall Patient Satisfaction, Pain Relief and Functional Recovery Also Reported -
FOXTROT<sup>®</sup> NC PTCA Balloon Catheter Gains Regulatory Approval in Mexico
First Implantation of Firehawk<sup>®</sup> in India Completed
MSC Attends 2017 International Cardiac Pacing Conference
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Receives CFDA Approval for APOLLO Intracranial Stent System in Large Sizes
Firehawk<sup>®</sup> Receives Regulatory Approval in South Korea
Firesorb<sup>®</sup> Displayed in Taiwan Transcatheter Therapeutics 2017
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Re-awarded Shanghai Five-Star Credit Enterprise
Dongguan Kewei Wins the Second Prize of State Science and Technology Progress Award for the Project "New Technology and Clinical Application of Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery"
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Attends 19th Annual Meeting of CHEA
First Indian Rate Contract Kicks Off in 2017
First Evolution™ Total Knee Replacement Completed in Heilongjiang Province
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Staffs Participate in Voluntary Blood Donation
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Awarded "2016 National Model Academicians and Experts Workstation"
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Orthopedics Holds TKA Training Course in Hong Kong
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Holds First Roadshow for its Incubator Project
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> was selected as a pilot project of Patent Alliance of Enterprises in Shanghai Zhangjiang National Innovation Demonstration Zone
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Orthopedics Completes First Evolution™ Total Knee Replacement in Jinhua City
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Completes Patient Enrollment of VitaFlow™ Pre-market Clinical Trial
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> NeuroTech Attends CINS 2016
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Attends CBS2016
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> EP Attends Dunhuang Cardiovascular Disease Forum
MSC Receives the Second Prize in Biomedical Industry Group of Fifth China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Attends Symposium on China-Africa Partnership in Improving Access to Health and Medical Products
Delegation of Malawi Ministry of Health Visits MicroPort<sup>®</sup>
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> NeuroTech Attends 2016 CCVF
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Announces a Strategic Partnership with MinInvasive in the Shoulder Rotator Cuff Repair Sports Medicine Market for China
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Orthopedics Attends 11th International Congress of COA
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Firesorb<sup>®</sup> and Firehawk<sup>®</sup> Star in TCT 2016
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Holds the 7th Sports Meeting
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Holds 2016 Efficiency Meeting
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Listed Among "2016 National Technology Innovation Model Enterprises"
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> OrthoRecon Attends the 36th Annual Congress of HKOA
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Hosts 2016 Technical Innovation and Interactive Suppliers Congress
Experts of Chinese Society of Biotechnology Visit MicroPort<sup>®</sup>
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> NeuroTech Attends OCIN 2016
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Wins Annual PMO Award of PMI (China)
Dongguan Kewei Recognized as &quot;Company with Patent Advantage&quot; in 2016 by Local Government
Dongguan Kewei Attends First Annual Meeting of China Extracorporeal Life Support Association
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Concludes Enrollment In Randomized, Multicenter, European Study Of Firehawk<sup>®</sup> Coronary Stent System
First Firehawk<sup>®</sup> Implantation in Pakistan Completed
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> EP Attends APHRS 2016
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Attends GW-ICC 2016
MicroPort® EP Attends 2016 Academic Annual Meeting of the Cardiology Society of Guangdong Medical Association to Display Columbus®
FireMagic<sup>®</sup> Cool Catheter Obtains CFDA Approval
Firehawk<sup>®</sup> Receives South Korea KGMP Certification
MSC Displays Innovative Devices at 2016 Innovation Week Expo
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> EP and MSC Attend 12th Biennial Congress of Chinese Society of Pacing and Electrophysiology
MSC Receives &quot;Best Investment Value Award&quot; in 2016 &quot;Startup Shanghai&quot; Innovation &amp; Entrepreneurship Competition
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> OrthoRecon Hosts Second SuperPath™ Online Debate
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Hosts First EMEA Regional Distributor Summit
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Receives "Best Sportsmanship Award" of 2016 "Zhangjiang Cup" Dragon Boat Race
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> OrthoRecon Launches the First Course of Integrity in Motion – TKA Surgical Technique with Medial Pivot Knee Application Series
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> OrthoRecon Hosts Satellite Meeting in CAS2016
State Council Counselor Xianping Xu Visits MicroPort<sup>®</sup>
MPO Signs Agreement with American Sports Celebrity Terry Bradshaw to Endorse Evolution™ Knee
Firehawk<sup>®</sup> Receives Regulatory Approval in Pakistan
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> EP Attends First Central and Western China Heart Rhythm Forum
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> EP Attends 5th Longcheng Cardiology Conference
First Firehawk<sup>®</sup> Implantation in East Europe Completed
VitaFlow™ Granted CFDA Green-Path
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> OrthoRecon Participates in 2016 China MIS Joint Replacement and Fast Recovery Academic Conference
Indian Subsidiary of MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Scientific Established
Innovation, Translation, and Cooperation: MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Attends CHC 2016 to Present Firehawk<sup>®</sup>
Firehawk<sup>®</sup> Receives Approval from Vietnam's Ministry of Health
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Receives Interview from Pakistan Television Corporation
Dongguan Kewei Hosts the Second Extracorporeal Circulation Story-sharing Session in National Meeting of Extra-Corporeal Circulation
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Hosts the Opening Ceremony of the 7th Aorta intervention International Forum
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Catheter Sheath Group Products Obtains CFDA Registration Certificate
Firehawk® Approved for Market Launch in Argentina
MPSC Announces Profit Turnaround in 1H 2016
Firefighter™ PTCA Balloon Dilatation Catheter Granted CE Mark
Firehawk<sup>®</sup> Granted Market Approval in India
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Lifesciences Hosts Satellite Meeting in 2016 Annual Academic Meeting of Society of Diabetology & Society of Endocrinology of Guangxi Medical Association
WILLIS<sup>®</sup> Granted Market Approval in Thailand
Dongguan Kewei's Polypropylene Hernia Mesh Granted CFDA Approval
MPSC 2016 Annual General Meeting Held
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> EP Attends CARDIOSTIM-EHRA EUROPACE 2016
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Attends SOLACI 2016
Firehawk<sup>®</sup> Approved for Market Launch in Brazil
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Attends OCC 2016
Firehawk<sup>®</sup> Gains CFDA Approval to Extend Shelf Life to Two Years
Firesorb™ Granted Green Channel Status for CFDA Approval
FireMagic<sup>®</sup> Obtains CFDA Registration Certificate
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Hosts Scientific Lectures on Frontier Exploration of Universe
MSC Completes First Implantation in FIM Clinical Trial of "Made-in-Shanghai" BonaFire<sup>®</sup> Pacing Lead
Colombian Consult General in Shanghai Visits MicroPort<sup>®</sup>
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> OrthoRecon Hosts SuperPath™ Satellite Meeting in CHJS Annual Meeting
MicroPort<sup>&reg;</sup> Releases Updates of its Cardiovascular Devices in EuroPCR 2016
Single Use Cardioplegia Delivery System Obtains CE Mark
WILLIS<sup>®</sup> Included in Shanghai's Drug Reimbursement List
MicroPort® Asia-Pacific Knee Arthroplasty Training Center Established in Shanghai
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Introduces its Transcatheter Aortic Valve in China Valve
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Attends the 18th SCC 2016
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> EP Makes the First Live Broadcasting of Columbus<sup>®</sup> Surgery
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Arthroplasty Technique Training Center Launched in the Second Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an Jiaotong University
First Use of Evermend™ Occluder in Shymkent of Kazakhstan
First-in-Man Clinical Trials of Firesorb™ Completes Patient Enrollment
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Online "Life Line Live" Officially Launched
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Joint Launches "Fast Recovery" Training Course and MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Arthroplasty Training Center
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> and Yizheng Municipal Government Establishes "Shanghai-Yizheng Healthcare Cooperation Project"
MicroPort® Attends CIT 2016
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Signs Cooperation Agreement with Beijing Weimai Medical Device
Columbus<sup>®</sup> Granted CFDA Registration Certificate
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> EP Attends 13th IDSS
FOXTROT™ PRO Gains Market Approval in Indonesia
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> EP Attends the 8th Atrial Fibrillation Key Technology International Forum
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Awarded Five Star Credit Enterprise
Tubridge™ Granted Green Channel Status for CFDA Approval
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Orthopedics Donates Hip Prosthesis in a Charitable SuperPath™ Surgery
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Attends AsiaPCR 2016
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Firesorb Bioresorbable Rapamycin Target Eluting Coronary Scaffold System Completes First Successful Implantation in the First FIM Clinical Trial
Dongguan Kewei Disposable Arterial Micro Plug Filter Obtains EU CE Certification
Disposable Intravascular Catheter Accessories Product Obtains CFDA Certification
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Science and Technology Innovation Platform Won the State Science and Technology Progress Award
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> D-Pulse Product Obtained CFDA Registration Certificate
Product of MicroPort<sup>®</sup> EP Completed First Clinical Case Observation
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> EP OptimAblate™ Cardiac RF Generator and OptimAblate™ Irrigation Pump Obtained CE Certification of EU
Registration of Dongguan Kewei Occluder Series Products in Kazakhstan Approved
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Completed the First Distant Interactive Surgery in the Field of Coronary Interventional Treatment
First Patient Enrolled in MicroPort's TARGET All Comer Clinical Trial, a Multi-center, Prospective, Randomized, Controlled, European Clinical Study for the Firehawk Rapamycin Target Eluting Coronary Stent System
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> EP Columbus™ System Attends 2015 Dunhuang EP Tutorial Conference
The Registration has been Approved in Italy and South Africa for Reindeer™ Locking Compression Plate System
Firehawk<sup>®</sup> Indonesia's Market-entry Meeting
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Orthopedics Attend the Tenth Session of the COA International Conference
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Invited Chinese Experts to Attend the Pakistan Cardiology Academic Conference for the First Time
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> NeuroTech Generous Donation
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Orthopedics Invited Professor Jimmy Chow Come to China to Carry Out SuperPath™ Academic Exchange Activities
The Registration has been approved in Philippines for WALTZ™ Cobalt Alloy Stent System
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Joint participated in the 35th Annual Orthopedics Conference of Hongkong
Kai Ma, Member of The Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, vice premier of the State Council, came to visit MPSC
First Procedure of MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Orthopedics Firestone™ Cervical Fusion Device Successfully Completed
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Attends TCT 2015
EasyFinder™ Electrophysiology Steerable Diagnostic Catheter Gains CFDA Approval
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Attends the Ninth Oriental Cardiology Meeting
MicroPort Scientific Corporation Announce Leadership Changes in MicroPort Orthopedics Subsidiary and Membership Changes in CEC, IEC
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Lifesciences Attends the Fourteenth National Endocrinology Conference of Chinese Medical Association
MPSC New COO Appointment – Jason Zhang
Fast Recovery - The New Concept of Medical Science for Joint Replacement
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Orthopedics Launches Profemur™ Preserve™ Hip Stem<br><i>Inaugural Surgery Performed by Phillip Merritt, MD</i>
FOXTROT™ PTCA Balloon Catheter Gains CFDA Approval
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Attends CHC 2015
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Attends SOLACI 2015
New Technology Clinical Study of Second Generation Bioresorbable Scaffold System Completed
FOXTROT™ PRO PTCA Gains Market Approval in Thailand
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Orthopedics Completes First Implantation of Futago™
MicroPort EP Attends CAFS to Promote Columbus™
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Lifesciences Attends Diabetes and Gonadal Disorders Meeting to Promote La Fenice<sup>®</sup>
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> Orthopedics Femoral Head Biolox Delta Ceramic and Rim-Lock Biolox Delta Ceramic Liner Awarded CFDA Registration Certificate
Evolution™ Gains CFDA Registration Certificate
MicroPort<sup>®</sup> NeuroTech Attends CSA&TISC to Promote APOLLO
MPSC Annual General Meeting Held
MicroPort Sorin CRM Launches China's First Domestic Pacemaker Production Line
Tubridge™: The Breakthrough Aneurism Medical Device
MicroPort Attends EuroPCR 2015
VSD Occluder Gains CFDA Registration Certificate
MicroPort Hosts 2015 Annual Distributor Conference
Shanghai MicroPort Orthopedics Hosts First SuperPath™ Online Symposium
Firehawk<sup>&reg;</sup> and WILLIS<sup>&reg;</sup> Proved Cost-effective
Shanghai MicroPort Orthopedics Attends World Arthroplasty Congress
FOXTROT PRO PTCA Balloon Dilatation Catheter Awarded CE Mark
MicroPort Attends CIT 2015
FOXTROT™ NC PTCA Balloon Catheter Gains FDA Approval
Futago™ Lumbar & Thoracic Fusion Device Awarded CFDA Registration Certificate
PROFEMUR™ Classic TL Hip Stem Awarded CFDA Registration Certificate
Angiographic Catheter Awarded Registration Certificate
MicroPort Orthopedics Counted Among "10 to Watch" By The Greater Memphis Chamber
Evolution™ Launched in Hong Kong
MicroPort Receives CE Mark Approval for Firehawk<sup>®</sup> </br><span style="font-size:14px"><I>To Commence Commercialization of Firehawk<sup>®</sup> in the European market</I></span>
Firehawk<sup>&reg;</sup> Clinical Results
Mr. Aurelio Sahagun Promoted to COO of MicroPort Orthopedics
PROPHECY<sup>®</sup> Registered with CFDA for Record
Research Project of WILLIS<sup>®</sup> Clinical Application Granted Award
La Fenice<sup>®</sup> Insulin Pump Awarded Re-registration Certificate
Firehawk<sup>®</sup> Gains CFDA Approval to Offer More Specifications
MicroPort Orthopedics Reaches Fast Recovery<sup>®</sup> Milestone with 1,000 SuperPath<sup>®</sup> Hip Procedures
MicroPort Completes the First Bilateral SuperPath™ THA in China
MicroPort Establishes Translational Medicine Joint Research Center with Second Military Medical University
MPSC New CHRO on Board
MicroPort Orthopedics Attends the Ninth COA Congress
MicroPort Promotes Awareness of Heart Attack in Beijing Community
PROFEMUR<sup>®</sup> Classic Z Hip Stem Awarded CFDA Registration Certificate
MicroPort NeuroTech Attends OCIN
La Fenice<sup>®</sup> Awarded High-tech Project
D-Pulse Gains CE Certificate for PCI Surgical Accessories
MicroPort Completes First Human Implantation of its Transcatheter Aortic Valve
MicroPort Promotes Firehawk<sup>®</sup> in TCT 2014
ADVANCE<sup>®</sup> Knee System Awarded Registration in China
First Use of SUPERPATH<sup>®</sup> in East China
MicroPort Orthopedics Shanghai Held Academic Symposium
MicroPort Attends CHC to Promote Firehawk
Learn to love back
MicroPort Orthopedics & MB Innovations Announce Partnership
MicroPort Annual General Meeting Held
MicroPort Promoting Awareness of Heart Attack
MicroPort Promotes Firehawk in OCC
MicroPort Hosts Symposium on Firehawk During EuroPCR 2014
Government Authorities Approve Joint Venture for Cardiac Rhythm Management Business In China
WILLIS Granted “Shanghai Innovative Product”
MicroPort Celebrates 16th Anniversary and Headquarter Relocation
MicroPort Receives Investment From GIC
MicroPort Released New Products to its Nationwide Distributors
Report From China Interventional Therapeutics Conference
"微创" and "MicroPort" were recognized as "China's National Well-known Trademark"
Reindeer™ Metal Locking Plate System Approved by CFDA
WALTZ Gain CE Certificate
Firehawk<sup>®</sup> Rapamycin Target Eluting Coronary Stent was approved by CFDA
MicroPort Scientific Completes Acquisition of Wright Medical's OrthoRecon Business
Shanghai MicroPort EP MedTech Completed the First Multi-electrode Ablation Case in the Clinical Trial of FlashPoint™ Renal Artery RF Ablation System
MicroPort Scientific Corporation and Sorin Group Sign Joint Venture Agreement for Cardiac Rhythm Management Business in China
Shanghai MicroPort EP MedTech Announces First Case of the Clinical Trial Of FlashPoint&trade; Renal Artery RF Ablation System
Appointment of Non-executive Director and Member of Nomination Committee
MicroPort Received CE Approval for FireMagic™, EasyFinder™, EasyLoop™ and FireMagic™ 3D
MicroPort Received CFDA Approval for Newly Extended Specifications of Apollo Intracranial Arterial Stent System
MicroPort Received Re-registration for GnRH Infusion Pump
MicroPort Foxtrot PTCA Balloon Dilatation Catheter Received CE Certificate
Columbus&trade; Three-dimensional EP Navigation System Received CE Certificate
MicroPort Pioneer Balloon Dilatation Catheter Received CFDA Re-registration Certificate
Multi-Center Clinical Study Result-Summary Meeting of Tubridge and Microcatheter Held in Shanghai
Zunyi MicroPort Hope Primary School Completed
The Annual General Meeting of MicroPort Scientific Corporation 2013 Held in Shanghai
MicroPort Scientific Corporation and Wright Medical Group, Inc. Enter Into Definitive Agreement Under Which MicroPort Will Acquire Wright's OrthoRecon Business
Disposable Cervical Dilator Received SFDA Product Certificate
Former Minister of Health Visited MicroPort
MicroPort Presented at EuroPCR 2013
MicroPort Orthopedic Suzhou Industrial Base Started Construction
2nd Shanghai Emerging MediTech Symposium Held in Shanghai
Fireforce Balloon Inflation Device Received Product Certificate from Thailand
"Wealth-Sharing Opportunity, Win-Win Cooperation"--2013 MicroPort Distributor Conference Held in Shanghai
First Secretary of Central Committee Party Visiting MicroPort
MicroPort Published 2012 Annual Result
Two Occluder Devices Received SFDA Re-registrations
Dr. Martin B. Leon Visiting MicroPort
Cooperation, Innovation and Transition: The New Focus of CIT and MicroPort
Radial Artery Hemostasis Set Received Re-registration Certificate
WILLIS<sup>&reg;</sup> Intracranial Stent Graft System Received SFDA Approval
Insulin Pump Infusion Set Received Re-registration Certificate
&laquo;Eyes for Greatness, Hands on Details&raquo;<br> 2013 MicroPort Annual Employee Meeting and Award Ceremony Grandly Held
The Company Hold its 55th MicroPort Biomedical Forum in Shanghai
CCC2013 and CISC Convened in Beijing
MicroPort's Building Innovation Capability Project of State Accredited Enterprise Technical Centers approved
MicroPort NeuroTech Officially Opened
MicroPort Hold its First Medical Equipment Quality Forum in Shanghai
Patent of MicroPort Won China Patent Honorable Mention
MicroPort awarded "TOP 10 ENTERPRISE PRIZE"
The 53rd MicroPort Biomedical Forum
Three First-tier Instrument Sets of Suzhou Health First Received SFDA Approval
Happiness Begins From Heart - MicroPort Heart Journey patient education serial lectures
Humble Stent, Prosperous Future
Tubridge&#8482; Parent Artery Reconstruction Device Initiated Clinical Trial
Dr. Martin B. Leon Announced the Latest TARGET I Randomized Controlled Trial Data to the World
Mustang&#8482; Coronary Stent System Re-registered Successfully by SFDA
Four MicroPort Programs Selected as 2012 National Key Technology R&D Program for the 12th Five-year Plan
The Latest TARGET I Randomized Controlled Trial Data Announced for MicroPort's Firehawk
2012 Best Customer Service Awarded to MicroPort Lifesciences Shanghai
MicroPort Medical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Renamed Shanghai MicroPort Medical (Group)Co.,Ltd. Officially
MicroPort HR Team Awarded as the 2012 Outstanding HR Management Team in Medical Industry
MicroPort Firebird 2 Registered Successfully in Uruguay
MicroPort La Fenice <sup>&reg;</sup> GnRH Infusion Pump Brought Light to Sterility Patients
China Heart Congress 2012 Held in Beijing
The Journey of WE Talk
MicroPort Firebird 2 Successfully Registered in Ecuador
Project of Strategic Innovation Alliance of Minimally Invasive and Implanted Medical Devices Technology Accepted
The 10<sup>th</sup> China Atrial Fibrillation Symposium Held in Dalian
MicroPort New-Power Summer Camp 2012 Initiated
Appointment and Resignation of Top Management
52<sup>nd</sup> MicroPort Biomedical Forum was Held in Shanghai
MicroPort Established a Wholly-Owned Subsidiary in Shanghai
One-Year Follow-Up Result of TARGET I Clinical Endpoint Appraisal Committee Conference Held in Beijing
Suzhou Health Medical Obtained Business Operating License
The Party General Branch of MicroPort Recognized as Shanghai Outstanding Grass-roots Party
The Annual General Meeting of MicroPort Scientific Corporation 2012 Successfully Held
MicroPort Announced Acquisition of Dongguan Kewei Medical Instrument
The 51<sup>st</sup> MicroPort Biomedical Forum Held in Shanghai
The Medical Device Industry Development and Investment CEO Summit 2012 Successfully Held in Shanghai
MicroPort Obtained SHFDA Approval for Firepower&#8482; Y-type Connector Suit
The Oriental Congress of Cardiology 2012 Held in Shanghai
Clinical Application Research of WILLIS<sup>&reg;</sup> Obtained the First Class Award in Science and Technology Progress
The 50<sup>th </sup> MicroPort Biomedical Forum Held in Shanghai
Euro PCR 2012
MicroPort Employee Appreciation & Recognition Day and Celebration of Company 14<sup>th</sup> Anniversary
The 13<sup>th</sup> Leadership Exchanging Meeting of SFIC Held Successfully
MicroPort Received 2012 National Labor Award
Mustang<sup>&reg; </sup> and JIVE PTCA Registered Successfully in Vietnam
MicroPort Orthopedics Receives FDA 510k Approval for Reindeer&#8482; Locking Plate System
MicroPort Established Aspiration Scholarship for Shanghai Jiao Tong University
EasyLoop&#8482; Diagnostic Catheter Approved by SFDA
MicroPort Receives SFDA Approval for GnRH Infusion Pump
PuJiang EmergingMedical Technology Forum 2012 Successfully Held in Shanghai
Feeling Firehawk, Targeting Future <br>Announcement of Results in Firehawk FIM and TARGET I Long Stent Group Research Study
Patient Enrollment for TARGET II achieves completion
MicroPort Orthopedics Product got CE certificate once again
MicroPort Insulin Pump Devices Registered Successfully
Three Projects of MicroPort Selected in the 2011 Science & Technology Innovation Plan by STCSM
Dr. Sun Yiyong Enrolled into the Shanghai 2011 Leading Talent Program
MicroPort Orthopedics Wins Two Grants for its Scientific Research Projects
MicroPort Announced Acquisition of Suzhou BEST Orthopedics Corporation
FIREHAWK, safety and effectiveness approved by early clinical studies
Aether Distal Protective Device Successfully Registered in Brazil
The Clinical Result of Micro Pulse Infusion Pumps Published
MicroPort Orthopedic Products Approved for Marketing
MicroPort Distributor Meeting
The 30-Day Follow-Up Result of FIRE2-DIABETES
Shanghai MicroPort Lifesciences Co., Ltd., won the Outstanding Customer Service Award at The China Best Call Center and BPO Summit 2011
Academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering Visited MicroPort
Trademark Information
The Clinical Trial TARGET II Launched
Columbus&#8482; and Voyager&#8482; Unveiled in the 9th China Atrial Fibrillation Symposium (CAFS)
MicroPort Orthopedic Products Received First International Order
The Patient Enrollment in FIRE2 – DIABETES Clinical Trial Completed
MicroPort Completed FIM for Two EP Products
The Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial of Firebird2 Launched
Shanghai MicroPort EP MedTech Co., Ltd. Participated in the 15th Forum of China Heart Rhythm Society
MicroPort Awarded as One of the Top 10 China Intellectual Property Brand Names of the Year
Trademark and Patent Issuing Information
Professor Chang's visit to the 48th MicroPort Forum
Medical Device Committee of Shanghai Pudong Bio Industry Association Established
La Fenice Registered with the Chinese Trademark Office
MicroPort Announced 12-Month Follow-Up Result of FOCUS
MicroPort Employee Appreciation & Recognition Day and Celebration of Company's 13th Anniversary
MicroPort Established a Wholly Owned Subsidiary in Jiaxing (Zhejiang Province)
The Latest Clinical Research Result of MicroPort's DES
MicroPort Being Issued Two More Invention Patents
MicroPort Recognized as One of the "Shanghai Best Known Trademark"
MicroPort Awarded as "2010 Shanghai Equipment Manufacturing and High-Tech Innovation Brand"
New Start, New Height, New Mindset<br>2011 MicroPort Annual Employee Meeting Held Ceremoniously
MicroPort Completed FIM for Two EP Products
MicroPort Obtained CE Certificates for Four Orthopedics Products
Notice on Centralized Purchasing of High Value Medical Supplies (forwarded from MOH)
MicroPort Certificated as the National-Recognized Enterprise Technology Center
EasyFinder&#8482; Diagnostic Catheter Approved by SFDA
Firebird2 Won the Silver Award of China International Industry Fair 2010
MicroPort Selected as One of the Shanghai 2010 Biomedical Commercialization Projects and Honored a Grant
Mr. Bo Peng Joined the Company Executive Committee
The Top Management of Otsuka Visited MicroPort
MicroPort Hope Primary School Opening Ceremony
MicroPort Orthopedics Selected as One of the Shanghai 2010 Biomedical Commercialization Projects and Honored a Grant
MicroPort Donated 100 Sets of Coronary Stent System to the Tibetan Region
MicroPort Lifesciences Won the Award of '2010 China(Asia-Pacific)Best Service Call-Center'
MicroPort's Stent Inspection Team Awarded as '2010 National Quality Trustworthy Team'
MicroPort Test Centre Certificated as CNAS Accredited Laboratory
MicroPort Is Selected as One of the Fourth Batch of National Pilot Innovative Enterprises
Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping Visited MicroPort
MicroPort Scientific Corporation Commenced Trading on HKEx Main Board
MicroPort Hong Kong Public Offering 224 Times Oversubscribed
MicroPort Announces HKEx Main Board Listing Details
The Clinical Trial TARGET I Launched
Rethinking Lower Blood Pressure Goals for Diabetic Patients with Coronary Artery Disease.
'Top Ten' Forecast for Interventional Cardiology
Japan Successfully Developed a Daily Administrating System for Diabetics
MicroPort Orthopedics Announced the First Implantation of Thoracic and Lumbar Fusion Device ---- Futago™
MicroPort at EuroPCR 2010
The Official Launch of Firebird 2 in Philippine at PSCCI
Latino American cardiovascular surgeons' visits
Firebird 2 Launch in Thailand
MicroPort Established Shanghai MicroPort Orthopedics Co., Ltd.
Growth, Recognition, Appreciation, Reward, MicroPort Employee Recognition & Appreciation Day
Firebird 2 Project listed as key new product plan 2008 in Shanghai
Delegation of Stanford University Visited MicroPort
MicroPort Attended the 6th Atrial Fibrillation Symposium (CAFS)
MicroPort Attended MD&M East 2008
The 2nd Oriental Congress of Cardiology Opens
Mustang Coronary Stent Got Approval of its Re-registration
MicroPort Gained the Certificate of Foreign Medical Device Manufacturer from Japanese Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare
Dr. Zhaohua Chang engaged as commissioner of Expert Consultative Committee, Shanghai Municipal Government Office of Overseas Chinese Affairs
Dr. Zhaohua Chang Attended the Symposium for Non-Public Economy Representatives
Gathering in Academic Pageant, building together a bright future of interventional medicine-The China Interventional Therapeutics (CIT) 2008 successfully held
World Interventional Medicine Expert Team Visited MicroPort
Our Company's "MicroPort" trademark was recently named "Shanghai Famous Trademark"
MicroPort Medical Ranked Forbes
Congratulations on MicroPort's G-2 DES Getting SFDA Approval
MicroPort Medical Attended 13th China Heart Rhythm Forum
Dr. Chang Zhaohua elected as SORSA's Vice President
MicroPort Medical Honored by Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific 2007
MicroPort's FireMagic Ablation Catheter Trial Achieved Interim Results
European Patent Office President Alison Brimelow Visited MicroPort
MicroPort Medical Honored as one of Deloitte Top 50 Fast-growing Chinese Hi-Tech Companies
MicroPort's Firebird 2 Stent Showed up in TCT2007

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Research Project
Educational Grant
Charitable Donation
Grant and donation
First Implant of Firehawk® Stent Successfully Completed in Oman
Two MicroPort® EP Diagnostic Catheters Approved in Australia
Multiple MicroPort® EP Catheters and Devices Approved in Uzbekistan
MicroPort® NeuroTech NUMEN Coil Embolization System Approved for Market in China for the treatment of cerebral aneurysms
SafeR Infographic
SonR Infographic
MicroPort® unveils new research at Virtual American Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics Conference (TCT Connect)
MicroPort MedBot and Robocath Announce Execution of Definitive Agreements for its Vascular Robotics Joint Venture for the China Territory
MicroPort® Awarded with National-Level “Quality Benchmark” Award for second consecutive year
Endovastec™ Castor® Stent Debuted at the First eCICE Conference in Brazil
Firehawk® Stent, Firefighter™ PTCA Balloon Catheter and Two Other MicroPort® Products Approved for Launch in Ecuador
Columbus™ 3D EP Navigation System V3 Approved in China
First Implantation of Endovastec™ Minos® Stent Graft System Completed in Argentina
MicroPort® NeuroTech Named 2020 Shanghai High-tech “Little Giant” Enterprise
MicroPort® Awarded “Best Open Innovator 2020” at the Fifth China Innovation Challenge and the Third Yangtze River Delta International Innovation Challenge Special Tournament
Firehawk® Debuted at Semana SBHCI 2020
MicroPort® RIC MedTech™ Attended CMEF 2020

CRM / Tech Corner copy

Our therapy copy
MicroPort® Orthopedics launches A Phase II Multicenter Study on Minimally Invasive Hip Arthroplasty of Joint Surgery in Yunnan Province
MicroPort CRM initiates a clinical trial for breakthrough innovative left ventricular lead Axone™
Daylily™ Single-Use Sterile Embryo Transfer Catheter from HorizonMedical™ approved for use in China
MicroPort® holds interim meeting for Firehawk® TARGET SAFE Research Study
speX Support Catheter Obtains NMPA Registration Certificate
MicroPort® NeuroTech NUMEN™ Coil Products Showcased at Shaolin Neurosurgical Conference
Firehawk Liberty™ Rapamycin Target Eluting Coronary Stent System Registration Approved in Korea
MicroPort® NeuroTech Holds Launch Events for NUMEN™ Coil in Guangzhou and Hebei
Endovastec™ Castor™ Branched Aortic Stent-Graft System Enters First Overseas Market
MicroPort® MedBot’s Toumai™ Endoscopic Surgical System Completes First Clinical Trial of Robot-Assisted Partial Nephrectomy
First Clinical Implantation of MicroPort® Left Atrial Appendage Occluder Completed in Shanghai Chest Hospital
MicroPort® Organizes “Belt and Road” International PCI Symposium at CIT Online 2020
MicroPort® NeuroTech Bridge® Vertebral Drug-Eluting Stent Approved for Launch in China
Endovastec™ Accredited as “Shanghai Enterprise Technology Center”
MPO China Hosts The 3rd SuperPATH® Super+User (Better Together) Conference
MPO China Attends The 8th Annual Meeting of Chinese Knee Society (CKS 2020) and Holds “20 Years of Medial-pivot Knee System & 10th Anniversary of Evolution®” Satellite Symposium
HorizonMedical™ Selected as “National High-tech Enterprise”
MicroPort® MedBot’s Toumai™ Endoscopic Robot completes first partial nephrectomy through retroperitoneal approach
MicroPort® RIC MedTech™ Attends the 3rd Annual Academic Conference of CARM-CPTA and Holds Thematic Symposium
MicroPort® MedBot’s Toumai™ Endoscopic Surgical System Completes First Robot-Assisted Extraperitoneal Radical Prostatectomy
MicroPort® EP PathBuilderTM IceMagicTM Steerable Introducer Obtains Important NMPA Registration Approval
MicroPort® Wins APQO Global Performance Excellence Awards 2020
MicroPort® Toumai® Endoscopic Robot Combined with Intraoperative Ultrasound Completes Partial Nephrectomy for Completely Endophytic Renal Tumor
Toumai® Endoscopic Robot Completes First Domestic Robot-assisted Single-port Procedure
Endovastec™ Minos® Stent Graft System Completes First Clinical Implantation in Hungary
Endovastec™ Reewarm® PTX Drug Coated Balloon PTA Catheter Receives EU CE Marking Certification
MicroPort® EP “Talents Program” Holds First Theoretical Training to Enhance Arrhythmias Treatment at Primary Hospitals
Horizon Medical™ Ovum Aspiration Needle Registration Approved in Thailand
MPO China First Domestic Bipolar System for Hemiarthroplasty Receives Marketing Approval, Completing the Domestic Primary Arthroplasty Product Line
MicroPort® Orthopedics China establishes the MicroPort® Engineering Institute Suzhou Branch
MicroPort® NeuroTech’s U-track Intracranial Support Catheter System Approved for Marketing in China
Skywalker™ Total Knee Robot System Completes Multicenter Clinical Trial Enrollment Before Market Launch
MicroPort® Wins First Prize of Shanghai Innovative Achievement Award for Modernized Enterprise Management for the Second Consecutive Year
MicroPort® Coronary Balloon Dilatation Catheter (Firefighter™ NC) Receives Registration Approval in Taiwan
MicroPort® Holds a Symposium on Firehawk® Clinical Progress at Taiwan Transcatheter Therapeutics
Firefighter™ and Foxtrot® Pro PTCA Balloon Catheters Approved for Registration in Pakistan
MicroPort® Subsidiary MicroPort CardioFlow goes public on SEHK
MicroPort® EP’s Disposable Intracardiac Mapping Catheter Obtains Registration Certificate from NMPA
Horizon Medical™’s Daylily® Embryo Transfer Catheter Receives Registration Approval in Thailand
MicroPort CRM launches MicroPort Academy CRM, an education website dedicated to Healthcare Professionals and designed by experts in cardiac pacing
First Patient Enrolled in MicroPort's TARGET IV NA Clinical Trial, a Multi-center, Prospective, Randomized, Controlled Clinical Study for the Firehawk Stent System to Obtain Regulatory Approval in the United States, Canada and Japan
MicroPort Orthopedics Announces Launch of HA Coated Collared Hip Stem and Cemented Collared Hip Stem, Expanding its Hip Stem Portfolio
Patient Enrollment Completed for Clinical Trial of Toumai® Endoscopic Robot
MicroPort® EP Obtains Approval for its Medical Consumables and Equipment in Egypt
MicroPort® CRM partners with the start-up bepatient to conduct a clinical research program on Heart Failure patients
PCI accessories
Firefighter NC
Firehawk Liberty
Foxtrot NC
Foxtrot Pro
Four Firehawk® and Firefighter™ Products Receive Registration Approval in Saudi Arabia
Firehawk®, Foxtrot® Pro and Foxtrot® NC Receive Approval in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Stock chart
MicroPort® NeuroTech launches TWINS and NUMEN® in Yunnan
Microport® EP Devices and Accessories Obtain Approval in Australia
MicroPort® Holds Groundbreaking Ceremony for R&D Building in Jiaxing MicroPort® Campus️-ep-holds-live-procedures-for-the-first-time-in-an-overseas-market
MicroPort®️ EP Holds Live Procedures for the First Time in an Overseas Market
2020 Annual Results
MicroPort® Announces its Annual Results for 2020
First Implantation of Castor® Branched Stent-Graft System by MicroPort Endovastec™ Completed in Italy
Sino-Thai Cardiovascular Professional Corridor Successfully Held in Nanjing First Hospital
MicroPort® CardioFlow Reports Annual Results for 2020️-lp-stent-graft-system-completed-in-turkey
First Implantation of Endovastec™ Hercules®️-LP Stent Graft System Completed in Turkey
First Implantation of Endovastec™ Castor™ Stent Completed in Argentina